Shaking legs when stood still

Hello All,

We had an apero after work today, where everyone is just standing and talking to each other. I noticed that when I was stood still trying to have a conversation with colleagues my legs were physically trembling.

Does anyone think this is feasibly a migraine symptom? it was unreal :?

I get it too. My legs were shaking through the whole of my sister’s wedding (not from nerves). People on the labyrinthitis forums used to talk about jelly legs and I assume that was a kind of weakness or trembling of the leg muscles. Anyway I get it when in a situation which is stressful to my vestibular system. I think it’s because the vestibular system is linked to our muscles and when things are out of whack the mixed signals affect our muscles. That’s my take on it anyway. I don’t know if it’s 100% correct…

That sounds right Jem. I don’t get trembling but I get a feeling that my legs are going to give way and very achey knee joints, but I have noticed I lock my knees alot more often now to try to ensure I’m stable…in the past I have had muscle trembling when I have been through other neuro-migraine symptoms over the years. x

I’ve had the shakey legs, but only when I’m really wound up up particularly symptomatic.