Shaking vision when reading small print?

I have had an issue for the past year when reading small print such as food labels. I have noticed that with each movement of my eye when scanning each word the word will vibrate once and stop then my eye will scan to the next word and the same thing will happen. This isn’t like the normal vibrating stuff I get when looking at certain patterns this is completely different.


I get like my eyes start to vibrate from side to side (shaking) a little bit sometimes when i read.

I’m wondering if mine are doing that but it can’t be see , like maybe it’s too subtle?

acquired nystagmus maybe? I have that and can see it when I read.

Dizzy for life, can you actually feel your eyes shaking back and fourth? I can’t feel mine no can you see it if you were looking at me.

Hi guys,
Yeah I have shaky vision all the time. No one can see it if they look at me. They move up and down, side to side 24/7. I heard that it may not be the eyes moving, but the brain twitching instead. Makes sense to me because my brain seems to do whatever it wants these days. Reading text, especially on a computer is incredibly frustrating.

Hi Brookie, mine does all kinds of weird things. Just yesterday I was walking a pier and there was bright red letters engraved into the wood and wow, well that was a production.