Shimmering effect

you know the shimmering you see of the heat rising from the road, I feel it is always there within me.
It used to be more of a jittering, maybe the Lyrica dampens it a bit?

Not sure if this is what you’re referring to or not, but I’m on Topamax, which is also an anti-seizure med for migraines, and I get palinopsia as a side effect which makes after images stay longer in your vision. This reminds me of your comment of “heat rising from the road” being always with you. This can also be caused by migraines or auras, but also be a side effect of anti-epileptic drugs.

If this is what you’re referring to, this is experienced by a number of us on this board, so Lyrica could help with it if you’re experiencing this as part of your migraines. It could also make it worse potentially depending on the type of drug (though I’m not 100% that Lyrica belongs to the anti-seizure class of meds that can do this like Topamax - just a guess).