Shopping List for the Diet

If you are interested, I have a researched shopping list for the Migraine Diet. I found some good things at the markets that I hope will be helpful and offer a little variety to our day.

Thank you so much for that info, very useful. I have discovered that I also have to avoid flour, it makes my VM symptoms rear their ugly head. I made my own yeast free version and substituted zantham gum for psyllium husk powder but it is just as bad. Has anyone else noticed this is a trigger?

What exactly are you sensitive to - Flour or yeast?

It would seem to be both because I cooked without yeast initially and was still unwell so then stopped eating flour and hey presto am back to wobbly, unbalanced baseline but minus the nausea.

Fresh yeast, like in just made bread, is on the “no -no” list so that might well be a problem for you. I wait one day when I buy fresh LaBrea Bakery bread at the market. Years ago I was told, after a RAST blood test (this was before all the research came out of Johns-Hopkins for “Heal Your Headache -1-2-3” and “The Migraine Brain”) that I was very sensitive to wheat and a few other things. For awhile, I went off wheat, citrus, white potato, all soy products and eggs. These all came up positive for me on this test. My early symptoms of tinnitus, vertigo and then nausea and vomiting all went away for almost 20 years. I was still on coffee and a very small amount of alcohol but I rotated these other foods through the week. Then menopause came and I had the full blown set of problems. Funny, all these items are on the migraine diet to be avoided or taken in small quantities. There are many similarities between the histamine diet and the migraine diet so peoples’ food sensitivities and allergies may play as an additional trigger. Here is a comparison chart :Vertigo Tales and Tastes: S G Blog Post: COMPARE THE DIETS Good luck with solving your problem. (