Should I fly?

I will fly this friday 12-21-12 for the first time with this condition. And as it gets close i feel like canceling my flight. I’ve read that some mavers get worse or some are not affected. Plase help with ur comments and experiences. Can it get worse with air travel? I am close to remission but don’t want to screw up my long recovery progress with this flight. I really want to see my family after 2 and 1/2 years of not seeing them and if I dnt fly I will be alone for xmas 2012.

Fly. I went to Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc from the US – all while the only treatment that I had was some Klonopin. And I was fine. And I was traveling with two kids.

You can check my posts on this. Basically, you are already wobbly, so the added movement of the plane doesn’t really make you worse. The hard part is the standing in lines, waiting, time zones, etc.

Don’t let this condition ruin your life.

As Doug said, fly. Don’t let your life pass you by because of this crap.

Take ear plugs to kill the noise in the cabin and valium or some sort of benzo to chill yourself out if you get nervous on planes. For those who feel nervous flying, here’s a reality check for you:

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Only 5% of air plane crashes are are commercial jets. The chance of a plane crashing is roughly one in 10 million. If the plane crashes, there is an 80% chance of survival. Therefore, the odds of dying in a commercial jet plane crash are one in a billion.

32,708 people died in car accidents in 2010 in the USA. No one died in 2010 due to an airline crash in the USA.

— End quote

So kick back and enjoy the view.

S :smiley:

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Now were you having headaches on the day of flight to Japan and all those places? Cause I noticed that people who have Mav without the Headaches feel fine while travel but I do have headaches which currently treating with nortrip 20mg, I wish I could take more but a mg more gives me chronic constipation. And I have klonopin which I don’t really take. When you flew to those places were u on remission or close to it.How much of klonopin should I take to travel? I will ask for assistance at the airport so I don’t have to stand or power walk since the plain will make one stop.

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More comments please!!! They would be so so helpful.

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Fly! You may not feel terrific on the plane and the jet lag may be a little harder on you than someone without MAV, but it would be horrible to miss trips because of this! We lived in Russia for three years, we’re from the US and we’ve traveled as much as we can while our three kids are still at home. I remember feeling crummy some of the time, but I remember good times and the places we’ve been a lot more!

I fly all the time for work. I’ve done so on good days, bad days, and on those REALLY bad days as well (OK, once). Really haven’t noticed that it makes things any worse. I will say that some of the G forces you feel during takeoff / maneuvering can be a bit weird, because for me that is exactly what MAV feels like all the time - all of a sudden to have REAL sensory input that conflicts with the MAV dizzy/floating feeling… the brain kind of goes “Wait a minute, this is REAL”. Oddly enough, it kind of drowns out the MAV symptoms.

Plenty of us on this board have flown with MAV. The Klonipin will hep, but even without it I think you could get through.

Okay I guess I will not cancel and go for it. I just dont want to get worse where I will jeapordize my job. i’m a middle school teacher and I love my job! Im 28 and new by the way it will be 2 years in January 2013 of having MAV. Any more suggestions???

I’m scared of flying anyway, so worrying about it affecting my MAV on top of my usual (irrational) fear was not good. But I’m pleased to report that when I did finally get around to taking a flight I was absolutely fine. Having seen a few threads like this during the time I’ve been a member on this board I would have to say the vast majority of people don’t have any major problems. Those that do have problems are more usually due to problems adjusting to time differences, and getting really tired from travelling rather than the flight itself.
So, take a deep breath and get on your flight! You will be fine!!

Mirit 09 - You mentioned that you don’t want to up your dose of Nortrip because of chronic constipation. I had same problem with the dothep and Osmolax has proven to be the best remedy. From memory I think Miralax (available in US) is a similar type. No nasty side effects!
Good luck with the flight!\Barb

I have been OK flying. Tip though, choose a seat where you “dont have to” talk to the person next to you, eg. a stranger starts to talk to you and you have to be polite.
I found having my head turned to the side plus the up and down of the plane if there is turbulence, made me feel a bit sick. I like to face forward, have my head pressed into the back of the seat to steady it.


I was SO afraid of flying again, but i really love travelling. So i decided i would go… i was very nervous for weeks before leaving, but now that it’s done… i can tell you i took 6 flights in 2 and a half weeks, (some of which were 7 hours flights) and didn’t experience ANY vertigo on board! Don,t get stopped by your fear… you might miss out something GREAT!

Sometimes if I’m looking out the window or down the aisle when the plane makes a hard bank I get quite dizzy when he levels back out. I also HATE flying and I’m leaving the day after Christmas with both kids and my son is handful and I’m the only adult with them. Makes me really nervous like what if I had a full blown vertigo attack? My daughter is almost 13 so she is a big help and I will probably take a valium even though my best friend in the whole world is picking us up and would probably like to go out for a drink. I haven’t decided what to do yet. Being that is suposed to be the busiest travel day of the year I will probably pop the valium! Just fly! If I can do it, you can do it!


So… did you fly? How did it go? :slight_smile:

Well I did it and felt great round trip from DFW to Durango Mex and back. I felt so good when visiting and catching up with family and had the best xmas whoohoo! I took haLF .5 KLONOPIN 30 min before flights. I ate everything I was craving and didnt feel a thing, from fresh fried potato chips with lemon and salsa, pizza, tacos, prepared bags of Tostitos tortilla chips everything!!! I do still feel jetlegs but no biggy. Can’t wait to go back

I’m so glad you did! And so glad for you it went well. Yay! :slight_smile:

Just to share my experience with flying, I recently went on an 11 hour plane ride. It didn’t worsen my dizziness but definitely increased my anxiety, have that in check and you’re sweet, my sweetness involed xanax and a lavender oil drenched tissue. I found that the elevators at the resort I stayed at aggravated the dizziness more than anything. Don’t let the fear of flying stop you, the regret of not going far outweighs the upsets experienced along the way.

How do yall deal with jet lag? I’m concerned about a 16 hour time difference (CA to Japan) and unsure how to deal with it ;(