Should I increase ami dose?

Hi all, have been on 1o mg amitriptyline for 2 weeks. Doc wants me to up to 20 mg after 2 weeks on med. So far it has made me feel more symptomatic. I dont think it is side affects, just the MAV. I am on vacation and am supposed to up now. Do you think it will actually help being at higher dosage or dont risk while I am away? I havent been driving while here, as it makes my head feel awful again. I am getting by… at the beach, in the water…kinda straightens me out until I step on level ground! Definitely not how I would be feeling while on vacation in my “prior” life…
Thanks for any input!

I know some people have differing opinions on meds whether to stick it or out pass on it. My belief, and my doctors belief, along with my experience, says when you hit the right med, it’s fairly quick to notice it’s helping. Otherwise ut seems it takes weeks and weeks to get so so response.
With that being said, I wouldn’t increase.
Ami didn’t do much for me up to 20 mg so I scrapped it. Started cymbalta and noticed improvements within 10 days. I had some side effects but they were manageable.

I found the first few weeks on Nortriptyline nearly killed me and people were telling me to stop it but I thought I had to push through to see if it would eventually help. It wasnt until I was on 20mg - 25mg for a good few weeks that I started to notice improvement.

Again, I am far from 100% but I am so much further than the house-bound suicidal train wreck that I was before taking the Nori.

I went up in 5mgs and not 10mg coz I didnt want to hit my brain with a cow-bell. I would suggest getting a pill cutter and going up in 5mgs and every 3 weeks. At least, it’s what I’m trying to do.

Dont do it while you’re on holiday tho… wait until you’re home and less stressed with worry.