Should I quit Nortriptyline?

Ive been on it for a total of 3 months, I titrated very fast and Ive been on 75mg for 2 months already and it hasnt done anything. It seems that I would have had indications of it working by now, from what Ive seen with other people here.

Hi Darren,

If I were you I would quit- you have given it long enough. I completely sympathize with you about trialing meds, as I know you have been at it just as long (or even longer) than I have without much success. Have any of these meds made you feel worse? I wonder if you could have something else causing your vertigo that is NOT mav??? For me I did respond partially to 2 out of the 5 meds that I have trialed… I’m curious what does your dr. think at this point? Can other causes be looked at???

Hi sometimes certain meds aint for u but u can add another to the nort ! Im on nort 10mg and slow release prop 80mg once aday have been for 3 mths and what a great combo. Ive been feeling vertually normal all wk . I may not have mav, 3 diagnoises mav chronic tension headaches and cervical headaches . So perhaps add a beta blocker like prop, its very popular for mav x