Should i try for a diagnosis of MARD?

My symptoms are a little complicated biut ill try to simplify them. I’ve been to various amounts of doctors in the past who have told me my problems are anxiety related and give me ssri or nothing and unfortunately I haven’t stuck to a ssri.

I’ve had two anxiety disorders all my life. When I was in high school I got into an immense amount of stress and started to have lightheaded sensations during class. The lightheadedness would resolve after class but I began to escalate to panic attacks during classy where I felt like I was dying. It grew to where I felt lightheaded even outside of class and I started developing agoraphobia where I would have intense

lightheadedness and panic in situations I couldn’t escape from easily.

I lost interests and emotions and my thinking slowed down. I felt my working memory greatly diminish. I also have this constant pressure like pain st the top if my head. It doesn’t throb and it’s only about a 3 or 4 on the pain scale.
I got tested for vestibular disor
ders, everything came back fine except my dynamic visi

Sorry my phone wont let me type more on the last message
My dynamic visual acuity test was abnormal basically my eyes and ears weren’t coordinated. I did some vestibular rehabilitation therapy which helped a little bit. Maybe ill try more of that again.

Basically I’ve been lightheaded for 6 years now. Its quite constant with some intermixed tension like head pain. Ive only had 2 bouts of positional vertigo in this time period that seemed to resolve when I did some epley maneuvers. So I don’t know if I can classify what I have as migraine.