Should vestibular migraine symptoms be CONSTANT?

So, can vestibular migraine be constant? Like, 24/7, for years at a time? Or should it occur in bursts or attacks? Because I’ve been dizzy for going on two years, and I’ve had some neurologists say it could be vestibular migraine, while others say that vestibular migraine shouldn’t be constant or chronic for so long without any remission or relief…

I think it can be either, most people on here seem to be 24/7 people, that is what i am.

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I’m like it 24/7 and cannot cope, I just want some relief now and soon. I’m nearing my limit. I’m now getting head aches like nearly every day. The worst is not so much dizziness it’s the lag on my eyes and making me feeling just awful everyday. I’m wondering if the Pregabalin is to high a dose? I just don’t know, it’s like a guessing game.

mine was constant until the meds kicked in

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Hi local on,

What meds kicked in and helped you please? I’m not on any that are helping at the moment.


as per my sig line I am on 50g of metoprolol am and pm

Hi what’s is metaprolol? Not heard anyone taking this and is this the one which is working for you?

it is a selective beta blocker (traditionally a blood pressure drug) -trade name lopressor

Cinnazirone, (Stugeron) Helps me so much with the unbearable symptoms. Can safely take 3 x 30mg a day. Also can purchase otc or ask Dr for a prescription.