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Should we claim disability on job applications?

This is sort of an opinion poll.

I’m currently trying to find work (in a new great depression and during a re-surging pandemic while my city currently has a heavily armed, vegan, internet rap singer warlord running the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (wtf?! - you can’t make this stuff up) - but that’s another topic altogether). One of the questions on a job application was ‘do you have a disability’? I stared at that question for way too long. I mean, yep, I do, definitely. Does the government know that or agree? Nope. If I say yes, I’m sort of lying. If I say no, I’m also lying. I think I could get fired either way. I have no real disability protection and who hires a knowledge worker that spends four plus months a year not remembering their native tongue and who can’t accomplish simple tasks? How would you guys answer that question? And if I get the job am I obligated to tell them about MAV? Is it a dumb idea to wait until it’s obvious - either by MAV making itself known in public or just the regular need for time off?

I’m not sure I’ll even get an interview, but this is a problem that’s not going away until I either get work or qualify for disability (which would require me to apply and then fight for 2-3 years). What do you all think?


It’s a “damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t” situation. My guess is that the question is probably being asked more for someone who needs some sort of physical accommodation (such as a wheelchair ramp). My suggestion is that you answer “no,” but then if you get an interview, you can always say, “I answered ‘no’ to your question about disability but I do have a condition that I’d like to tell you about,” or something to that effect.

You’ve asked a good question and I’m not sure there’s one answer for every situation.


I was going to reply with the exact same advice as @Manatee. I think MAV is one of those things that is best discussed face to face after you have successfully charmed the socks off of them.


Thanks ladies. Good advice. I’m not taking it. These are very specialized, nationally competitive, highly political, non-represented, at will jobs where you need 20 years experience to get an interview and then must be a near perfect personality fit. If I make it in the door, MAV won’t come up until I fail to hide it - preferably years from now. I can’t afford discrimination at this point.


That would be my course of action as well. Even if I could get disability I’m not sure I’d feel any better than working and getting fired every so often for falling short of my commitments. Not because we don’t deserve disability, I just think it would be harder to have MAV with so much time on your hands not working.


Well, the job decided I wasn’t worth interviewing (after being recruited to apply). Moral dilemma resolved.

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Sorry flutters, that’s a drag. It seems like your industry will remain in demand so hopefully other interesting prospects are around the corner.

Thank you.

My industry is going to die for many years - it’s a government consulting gig. Government is losing tax revenues hand over fist from lost retail sales tax, lost gas taxes, and lost property taxes when the foreclosure tsunami comes. Part of that is temporary but most will takes years or the decade to recover. Furloughs and contract cancellations have already started. It is perhaps time to reinvent myself again. The flip side of catastrophe is opportunity.

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@flutters I know you’ve mentioned you’ve had to take time off of work in the past… was that covered under some sort of disability insurance? Thanks for asking this question as I’ve wondered myself…

I see - I thought you were in urban planning and just assumed that would have longevity, I might be laboring under mismemory and assumptions.

The field is correct. The stability assumption isn’t. We’re usually the first out the door when the budget cuts start. The US doesn’t value urban planning. And it shows. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. As a sole proprietor I have no safety net whatsoever beyond my husband’s very limited employer provided health insurance. I saved up money and lived off it. Then they fired me. Well, offered an untenable circumstance I walked away from. I am an ethical person. They value other qualities. The oncoming economic depression is poorly timed given it’s taken me a long time to get to where I thought I was healthy enough to work again.

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Uff. I feel ya. I had just started work as an independent contractor when this all hit and had no disability insurance or savings. It’ll be 9-10 months lost income total assuming my plan to return to work in a couple months pans out. There was no “vestibular migraine” expense deduction when I filed my taxes, I checked :wink: