Shoulder pain linked to migraine?


My migraines have got much worse and more frequent in the last 6 months. Another symptom that I get is a really achey shoulder and arm. This really gets worse when I get my period and is pretty much there every month. Im not sure if this is related to headaches and just wondered if anyone else with migraines gets anything similar?


Hi Rachael,

When my symptoms are aggravated I get pain/ache at the back of my neck and/or at the sides of my neck ending on the top of my shoulders. I do not get pain in my arms but do get numbness and/or tingling from my elbows to hands.

This neck problem is intermittent with me but the numbness/tingling in my arms is common when doing any exercise activity including walking.

Shoulder pain and stiff necks are all linked to VM though I doubt for most they are not the cause. I think they are common with all vestibular conditions and much of it is linked to posture etc. I was interested to find the attached paper because five years ago when I broke my shoulder I continually had the impression that some how it was impacting on my (already unsteady bring 24/7 dizzy at the time) balance and that was even removing any possibility of having an immobilisation sling around my neck.

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