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Sick Notes

Hi All. Currently very unwell and in the middle of a massive relapse. Spoken with my Gp to get a sick note explained my current symptoms dizzy unable to stand/walk being sick. They’ve put vertigo on the sick note and It really annoys me since I have a balance disorder diagnosed by a neurologist for years now. Which the drs are well aware of. Vertigo just seems wrong for everything I’m dealing with and that anybody could have vertigo. I’m unwell because of a neurological condition. I’m worried what work will make of it. What have drs put on your sick notes?

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I can see why you find it annoying. Besides vertigo is a symptom not a condition. I have had that put on a sick note and received very disparaging comments from a couple of line managers as a result. I’ve also been given a diagnosis by medical professionals saying simply ‘vertigo’ too. Might be worth speaking to the doctor if you need a second note and suggesting they might like to adopt the same technology as the consultant.

That is so fruatrating. Vertigo can definitely be a debilitating symptom but it’d be like someone diagnosed with MS having their doctor write “dysesthesia” (aka the symptom that describes the MS “hug”) on a sick leave note. I had to have my GP write a note to excuse me from a court date and she described in detail that I’m dealing with a chronic neurological illness that affects my ability to function daily and that she believed I was not well enough to travel to said court date. The note was accepted without push back from the court.

Hi Both, thank you it"s good to hear you agree I worried I was over reacting but if I need another which I think I will :cry: then I will ask that they put my diagnosis on not the symptoms! Dealing with my GP practice is the worst part of relapsing you’re very lucky to have such a understanding doctor @OffBalanceOffGrid

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