Side effect timelines venlaflaxine , advice pls

Hello all,

I am on venflaxine to attempt to manage chronic migraine with many vestibular sympthons eg imbalance on walking, unsteadiness, occasional dizziness and lightheadnesses, full ears etc…

I’ve done 14 days on 9mg, then 15 days at 18mg and at the end of this have had more headaches than usual, my primary pain is nervy around eye, temple and rhs of head but headaches only come in line with menstrual cycle. This round of headaches, am 6 days back to back started end of menes so could be hormonal ( mid 40’s) but do you think its a delayed side effect of venf, I upped my dose two days ago per plan with neuro.

My question is, do side effects start immediately with ou meds or can you be good for 29 days and then ouch…a side effect kicks in.

Other than this and feeling bit off when I go up a dose its tolerable and am keen to stick with it. How long do I stick out the headaches before I reduce dose?

Any advice welcome hugely, first time on meds so all a big learning curve.

Thanks a mill

I have headaches for a few days every time I increase the dose and around my cycle. They get better. Wait a week before you drop the dose back.

Thanks for the quick reply Emily, finding it hard to think logically tired after this round of headaches. Will keep going for another while on new dose. Thanks again

It knocks me out those first few days, too. I find after a week or so, I stop noticing the side effects and sometimes even forget for hours at a time I have MAV. I’m at 25 mg. My neurologist wants me at 37.5 mg or 50 mg, but I’m happy here and going to stay with this dose for a while. She doesn’t understand we’re hypersensitive to meds and often don’t need higher doses.

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I started with 8mg and now i am 16mg. This was titrated over less than 4 months. The intial side effects of haedache passed quickly. Quality of sleep is less compared to pre-effexor times.

Thanks so much for the replies.

Emily, how long did it take you to tirate up? My neuro is also keen for me to get to 37.5 and has suggested i could even go up to 70 mg but tbh i dont want to, ive read that hain expects to see improvement at 25g so have fingers and toes crossed.

Vigs thanks for the steer on your timelines. I’ve possibly gone up too fast perhaps so i will try this new dose of 25mg every second day this week with 18mg on alternate days and if still struggling with headaches by next weekend will drop back, its so hard to gauge, I had some brilliant days on 9mg and felt OK to go up.

Thanks again all

Hi Elaine,
With effexor it is either gradual up or down…the alternate day dose thing does not work…its like playing ping pong with your brain…even titrating down from effexor the alternate day strategy is not recommended…low and slow is the way to go

I went too fast, but am happy enough at 25 mg that it was worth it. I had two light loaded weeks in a row at work. That’s the first time that’s happened in a year. I titrated fast because I could afford to feel crappy.

OK, going to go low and slow, will scrap alternate day plan and try stick with 25mg for a few more days and reduce to 18mg if headaches don’t settle.

I think I’ve been racing to try get to rec dose before I see neuro in Sept but that’s a mad reason when you think about it, need to be kinder to my body…I need to be OK and function, at home with young kids who need a well mum.

Thanks all