Side Effects

Why are we all so sensitive to meds? I’m on Day 16 of Namenda and having serious anxiety. I cruised through the first 6 days or so with no side effects but then little by little anxiety crept up on me. My heart started racing for no apparent reason and I suddenly began feeling nervous & anxious. I get these episodes throughout the day & night and they last for an hour or so and then go away but they come right back again. I never feel like this when I’m off meds. This also happened to me with Effexor and Zoloft. The good thing is that Namenda hasn’t increased my dizziness very much. I’m trying to hang in there to see if the side effects will go away in a few days but with the way I’m feeling I’m ready to throw in the towel!! How long until side effects go away?

Hi Dizzygirl,

For me side effects usually settle in two - three weeks, but I think everyone is different.


Hi Dizzygirl,

I was just wondering how you’re doing on the Namenda? Has the anxiety side effect gotten better since this last post of yours? And any improvements in your dizziness or other MAV symptoms since being on the Namenda?

I hope you’re doing well and that the side effects aren’t bothering you too much anymore!