Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

Apolonia, I hope you understand that each and in fact all of these can be symptoms of various other conditions as well.

Much more important, to my mind, are the symptoms of stroke, because a fast response to stroke can greatly minimize damage. Even some of those symptoms can be misleading, but you definitely want to call EMS if there’s a chance someone’s experiencing a stroke: … stroke.htm

Good post David. I’ve had ALL those symptoms. In fact during one particularly bad migraine phase I had them all at once and I really did think I might be having a stroke (my paternal grandmother started having strokes in her 60s and had dozens more until her death so it’s ‘in the family’). In my panic I Googled the symptoms of stroke and came across something (which sounds like a myth) which said if you can smile and raise your arms, it’s not a stroke. Cue me, standing in front of a mirror forcing out a grimace with my arms in the air. :lol: Crisis averted.

:lol: indeed!