Sinus problems anyone?

Hi all -

I’m just getting through a really tough week. (Stress level “through the roof” kind of week - and still no end in sight yet).

The stress alone has caused a major increase in dizzy /balance symptoms, which I expected, but today and yesterday I’m getting hit with major sinus trouble. (Big time - my head is so congested, but its not a cold. My frontal sinus are actually swollen to wear you can see it. No sinus pain, just major discomfort, feels like my head is a basketball, and to hear me talk it sounds like I just have a cold. My balance is completely off (10x what it is normally), and I keep getting the real fast “3 second” spins.)

I know Bucholz in his book talks about sinus problems and migraine, so I wouldn’t be surprised if thats whats going on, but I’m really wondering how many others (if any) experience it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it brought up on this forum (sorry if it has been).

Anybody have any thoughts?

Thanks a bunch-


I feel sinus pressure quite often and in my case I think it is related to migraine for sure. I also have mild seasonal allergies and I do seem to get dizzier when my allergies are acting up. My symptoms are not nearly as severe as yours seem to be, though. I wonder if you have something else going on that is truly a sinus issue and not just migraine. I’ve never had the swelling you are talking about. Do you have seasonal allergy problems?

I hope you feel better soon!


Hi Marci-

I’ve had sinus problems pretty much all of my life, however, when I started treatment for MAV (beta-blockers, diet, supplements, etc.), I have to say, the sinus stuff really improved. In my younger days (my 20"s) I was routinely put on antibiotics for one sinus infection after another. I went and had allergy testing done then, and wasn’t really allergic to anything!! (I was mildly allergic to dust and Ash trees).

I suppose if I went to the Doc today, he’d put me on antibiotics again, but I can’t help but wonder. Doesn’t one usually end up with a sinus infection after having a cold? I haven’t had a cold in probably 6 months. We’re not in the height of pollen season here, or anything,

I don’t know. Makes me feel a little better knowing when your allergies are bothering you, your dizzies kick up some. Thats the other thing I didn’t mention - my ears are really blocked up also. Just a miserable soul today, I am.

Kim :cry:

Kim, i’m sorry you’re suffering so much :cry: are you mucousy? Are you draining? Do you have pain?

Get that neti pot out - give it another try. Just hold your head at 90 degrees to the sink and you’ll be fine. Try to get those sinuses cleaned out.

If this is an infection: My ex, who i have nothing good to say about except that he was an exceptional doctor, was abhorred over the over-use of antibiotics, especially for sinus infections. He swore that the only treatment was to clean the sinuses out. If not, the infection would only recur.

Many of us are all living proof of what a lot of stress can do to the body. I’ve had a pretty hard week. Actually a pretty hard month and I’ve been waking up tired, headachey, with a touch of lung congestion, even though the pollen is extremely low and when i clean my sinuses they are empty, so it’s not allergies. I’m just really stressed. And you, my dear, are super stressed.

Just what you need :cry: FC!

Sorry I can’t help you any more than that.

Julie :cry:

Hi Jul -

No, I don’t really feel mucousy at all (Mucousy??? Is that even a word??? :lol: ). I’m just stuffed up. Completely blocked. Can’t breathe, and my face is swollen up, even my eyes, but not like what you get from crying. I’m not having any pain at all, just discomfort. I can at times feel it in the back of my throat, drainage I guess, thats why I’ve been thinking I’m just coming down with a cold, being so run-down and all. But its not a cold. To be honest, this isn’t exactly a new feeling for me, just one I haven’t had in a very long time.

Ya know, I switched out the Neti for a “Neil-Med Nasal Rinse” bottle. Its just a squirt bottle with saline solution in it. For some reason I have better luck with it. ( I don’t gag, and the saline actually comes out the opposite nostril like its supposed to). I couldn’t get it to do that with the neti. I seem to be having better luck with it, and I’ve been using it religiously 2x day. When I use it, I’m not getting much out either.

I am trying to cut myself some slack, like you said, we know what stress can do, and I for one know it first hand!!! :shock:

Thanks - I love you guys!!! 8)



I have had sinus problems all my life. Talking to the doctors and from what I have read recently, I don’t think that what I was experiencing was truly sinus. I would (and still do) experience pain around my sinuses, but pressing on them does not cause increased pain. The doctors that I saw about it told me it was not sinus related and would send me home sometimes with an antibiotic prexcription, sometimes not.

I don’t get the red watering eyes like you would with an allergy, or sinitus. I don’t even get a stuffy or pressure sensation. The thing is if I don’t do something about it, after a while it will turn into a full blown headache. After some recent research on sinus migraines, it appears that this may be what I have been experiencing over the years.

Hi Brian -

Thanks -

Pressing on my sinuses doesn’t hurt either, in fact it actually feels good. When I get like this, I can put on those nose strips (you’ve seen them in the store - for people that snore, etc. ?? They are called “Breathe Right” ???) They help alot, but for obvious reasons I can’t wear them around (lol). In fact, I walk around in the daytime, pushing my fingers into my face along side of my nose. It gives me relief for a minute or two.

Anyway, I’ve been through the same thing. Leave it go long enough, and end up with a sinus Headache (thats what I always called it) - a headache that doesn’t quit, and ends me up finally at the Doctor’s office, and ultimately with a script for antibiotics. I’m just wondering now, if migraine can swell all sorts of stuff in your brain (like it obviously does), is what I’m suffering now (and have suffered with for a long time, just not recently) all because of migraine?

Thanks Brian-


Yes, in fact when the dizziness started they diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. This was the first of several misdiagnosises. Anyway they treated me with antibiotics for 6 months and ultimately did sinus surgery. My symptoms continue although maybe a bit better after the surgery. In my case no real pain associated with the sinuses but continuous low grade drainage. Weather this is migraine inflaming the sinuses or allergies I don’t know. I underwent allergy testing last summer and they started allergy shots. I had them religiously for about 6 months but then the neurotologist started me on propranolol and the allergist said I had to stop the allergy treatments. Now that I’m off propranolol perhaps I should resume treatments. My concern, now that I’ve had some improvement in the dizziness, is that I don’t want to do anything to “rock the boat”.


One more question: when you first got dizzy, (or if and when you have your crash) did you have these symptoms?




I did (if that question was directed at me). When my crash happened, I was also majorly stressed and run down too. (Too many similiarities to whats happening right now :frowning:

I can’t help but think some of my life-long sinus complaints are migraine-related, but how much and why, I don’t know. The stress factor definitely plays a big part in there somehow too. I’m one who gets completely run-down from stress. It definitely takes its toll on my body.


p.s. - Trying to do the obvious thing - eliminate the stress - right?? (FC :evil: )

Yep, Kim, that question was for you

So, you’re back to the symptom picture you had during your crash. and it was also brought on by stress. I just don’t think we can separate these things. This is how you look when you get sick.

Guess it’s time for some healing again. At least this time you know what brought it on, you know what to do about it. You don’t have to go insane wondering what the F is happening to you. and you have a ton of people here who care about you and if you don’t keep us posted we will hunt you down :slight_smile:

Look at what that big FC has done - now there’s who we should go hunt down :evil:

Too bad Shelby isn’t old enough to take on some of your work, not just yet. Or maybe your work actually feels relaxing to you. You’ll figure it out - you did it the first time, you’ll do it again.



— Begin quote from “Chaz”

Yes, in fact when the dizziness started they diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis. This was the first of several misdiagnosises. Anyway they treated me with antibiotics for 6 months and ultimately did sinus surgery.


— End quote

Wow Chaz, I’m glad I never talked to the original ENT I was seeing about this. He probably would have wanted to do surgery on me too. After I quit seeing him, I started talking to other people around town who have also seen the same ENT and a majority of them said the same thing: that he had misdiagnosed them for whatever their real problem was, and that he is surgery happy.


BTW Kim,

I also want to mention how freakin horrible it must feel to have a relapse. If i get a 1% increase in dizziness i start freaking out. I never want to go back there - but “there” you are. I’m sorry for you - it must be awful to be in a place you hoped you would never see again. i need to remind myself that it could happen. I’ve read a lot of posts and many set-backs have come due to major stressors. (I think maybe i’ll just stay in the house :frowning: )

I’ll say a prayer for you tonight, Kim.


Thanks Jul - I appreciate you all so much.

I’m doing ok. There isn’t much I can do about the “stress thing”, I’ve so far just taken a minor setback. I’m not yet calling it a relapse. But if it gets that bad, at least I have the advantage (like you said) this time around of knowing whats going on.

I’m not about to curl up and go back to that place again - not without a fight!!! :smiley: )

By the way, I’m still suffering some with the sinuses, but not as bad as the other day. Still don’t know what thats all about, but it seems to be getting a little better.


I’m glad to hear that, if that’s getting better, maybe you’re getting better, maybe, hopefully, prayerfully, whatever.

when my computer crashed, i told everybody i know to pray, hope, wave dead chickens, throw dice, whatever they did for luck :slight_smile:

well, i’m dancing around like an Indian for you :slight_smile: