Sinuses triggering migraine?

I had an MRI recently and everything was fine with my brain but my neuro said that my left maxillary sinus was completely congested, I have always felt a pressure blocked sinus feeling in my head but I thought that was the mav not sinuses because I have no other symptoms of a sinus infection but I saw the congestion from my MRI myself so it obviously is. My question is can the sinus problem be triggering the migraine?

I actually just had the same experience with my MRI. My brain scan showed infection in my sphenoid. It is the sinus that is very deep behind the eyes. They ordered a CT to follow up on it. My ENT said that MRI’s can make sinus infections look worse. My CT scan looked much better. It is still there, but did not look nearly as bad as the MRI.

As someone who suffers from both sinus problems AND migrains I can honestly say that I don’t know if sinus problems can cause migraines. But they can cause all kinds of other problems, so they are worth taking care of. I had a long standing sinus issue that bothered me for years. I wasn’t able to really wipe it out until I was put on a wide-spectrum anti-biotic (I think it was Cipro) for 2-solid months straight.

I definitely think it’s worth investigating…have a pretty classic case of MAV symptoms which i wont go into BUT also think that sinus and migraine can get tangled up together. For me my migraines, “falling” sensations, and constant motion and so on disabling awfulness of all types familiar to those on this board, all originate in one little spot which feels a lot like 'sinus". Even sound, motion and light trigger sensation right ‘there’.

Many years ago a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection happily rubbed out all migraines for four months. Didnt work the next time though.

Anyway, even though the current conventional thinking is that migraine is over diagnosed and treated as sinus, my neuro said to me during the week that sinus can also cause many of our MAV symptoms. He has been great and seems very up to date and wants the sinus side checked out now with another MRI…ie for once and for all.

Anyway I am only guessing but maybe for some of us with migraine-type brains and sensitivities can be triggered by different things but maybe by sinus/sinus nerve upset too??? Good luck

Thanks for all your replies, what I do know is that when I feel at my worst my sinus area feels very clogged up, also Wendy one of my worst symptoms is the falling sensations that you talk about so maybe it is sinus related? I suppose I’ll find out when I get the sinus problem sorted and see how I feel then!