Skiing and rocking- tips??

Hey everyone! So I started Effexor and managed to have two really good low symptoms weeks. Then I made the mistake to go skiing (I went last year with this condition and it was fine) and my symptoms have sky rocketed. The day after I feel like I’m still on a chairlift that’s blowing in the wind. This is also how I feel after plane rides (I’m also going on a plane in like 5 days so yay :frowning: ). Does anyone have tips that help diminish rocking even just a tiny, tiny bit.

Distraction. Totally absorb yourself in some hobby/pastime that involves total concentration. It won’t stop rocking but you might not notice it as much.

I found that too. Tai Chi is the one that comes to my mind for me. Things you could do with effort and determination before medication and when 24/7 dizzy, you can’t do when medicated despite feeling better. The drugs are simply masking the underlying problem. They just remove natural self preservation caution then we expose ourselves to major triggers the reaction to which the balance system cannot contain.

My consultant said take sturgeron. I take them before long trips, planes and skiing might help. It seems to take me a little while after a trip to feel better, a week maybe.

Hi and welcome

I guess you mean ‘Stugeron’ which is Cinnarizine and available OTC for occasional use to combat travel sickness. Very effective too but it’s not an answer as a preventative for treating MAV. Also it cannot be taken with some prescription medications used either, the tricyclics are one group. I’m unsure about Venlafaxine. Best to check out with medics first.

i take a quarter of a benzo… it helps calm my brain and go to baseline (which is a low grade rocking in the morning, and rougher at night when tired). I am not taking any other med (I took effexor for 1.5 years).