Skip dinner for an easier night!


Skip Dinner

I’ve been experimenting with having a very light or no dinner at all.

Eating healthily at both breakfast and lunchtime, not following the migraine diet at all (Chocolate, coffee, cheese, milk, whatever I like).

I’ve found that the fluid sensations in my ear have dropped considerably at night and in the morning. When I re-introduce a big dinner, those sensations creep back.

Just something to try, your mileage may vary … and note I’m well into a remission phase but that’s allowed me to see a bit more clearly through the ‘noise’.

Another advantage of this is I’m losing a little bit of weight … after 1.5 years of Ami that’s a good thing!!! :truck:


PS I have my theories about why this works …


You know, when I have the discipline, I find this helps, too.


As I have gastroparesis I have to eat very small amounts of blended food and often have to miss the pm meal because my stomach is still full but sadly this had zero effect on VM for me before meds. I would even go so far as to say that low blood sugar levels made me much worse, but bear in mind my calorie intake at the very best is only 1,000 calories a day, most days only 800, so missing a meal is a bit of a disaster!!! However, I would still go carefully in case low blood sugar makes things worse for you too.

Skipping meals? Don’t know about that really being a good idea. I don’t get the actual migraine headache (or at least have never thought so) but isn’t ‘skipping meals’ a migraine trigger for those that do?

Also, maybe OK if plp aren’t medicated, which I know James you aren’t, but before skipping any meals I’d suggest checking out your drugs requirement. Many say to be taken with food, before food, after food. Many need food to work. Some could do damage to an empty stomach. I take Propranolol and have found it’s almost impossible to wake up the following morning/brain seems switched off for hours, unless I eat after taking the last dose of the day (on 3 times daily). I have also read, and proven to a great extent Propranolol is 50% more effective taken with higher protein meals. I certainly won’t be ‘skipping’ any meals any time soon.

I have just overnight had another email from Cotton Traders advertising elasticated waist trousers and shorts. Now I know they track our shopping habits but was unaware they can see into my bathroom. I thought my weight was between me and my bathroom scales, but apparently not! Still, heavier or dizzier. I know which one I’d choose every time. Helen

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Not for skinny ectomorphs like me…

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You taught me a new word!

And, I’ve seen you. Fit and lean, yes. Skinny? Not really.

Sometimes food can dictate how my ear feels. I eat spicy food, it feels like all the spices go into my right ear and it starts acting up or i ear something salty, my right ear feels sore which is a strange phenomonom.

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