Sleep + heat matters

Hi all,

Well, after a long absence, I’m dropping by with a little bit of news (or lack thereof) and a couple of problems that I’ve started to experience.

Some may recall that last time I posted, I was aggravated about my parents’ plan to push me up to the Mayo Clinic. They’ve since pretty much forgotten about it, due in part to some “good” visits with Hain and some possible (though marginal) gains on nortriptyline. As for the drug, I was at 50 mg, and Hain OK’d my proposal to push the dose higher until either (a) it becomes intolerable or (b) something good happens on it. He’s agreeable to try going (potentially) as high as 150 – triple the usual maximum he uses.

Anyway, a little over a week ago, we here in the Midwest (I am in IL) have started having quite a heat wave, with temps pushing 10-30 degrees above normal on some days.

The last few days, I’ve been having simultaneous problems of insomnia and constantly feeling overheated. The A/C doesn’t circulate well to my room, but whether I’m doing anything or not, I almost constantly feel like I’m burning up. Even in well-cooled rooms inside (and with me doing nothing), I can still start to perspire a bit. This naturally doesn’t work well for sleeping; I feel like I’m in a sauna all night.

Lack of sleep, in turn, makes the usual dizziness/rocking worse, so now when I try to go to bed, not only am I set to “bake at 450” but I can’t shake the vertigo – which normally subsides once I lie down. I hesitate to take most sleep aids, since many have a dependency risk.

Anyone else here have experience with sensations of feeling overheated? I know some folks have had sleep issues… In any event, though, summer’s around the bend, so 80- to 100-degree days are just starting up. Any suggestions for either of these problems?

Hey George,

Good to see your name on the board again :slight_smile:

I don’t know that my symptoms get worse with heat per se but I do think I ‘feel’ them more. And I know that hot, glarey light and summer storms can do me in.

As for your issue with the heat, lack of sleep and AC. Can you invest in a portable AC unit (an actual one, not just a fan)? I have one which I wheel into my bedroom on stinky Sydney summer nights and it really helps me sleep and the white noise it makes is good too. They are expensive, but a good investment.


HI George,
I was going to send you a PM the other day to check on you…glad you are still checking on us over here!
Sorry you aren’t doing well…and i"m afraid I don’t have much to offer in this thread, other than to say I’m happy to see you. :wink:

Hi George,
what you are experiencing is likely an anticholinergic side effect of Nortriptyline (and the tricyclic antidepressants in general). These medications decrease the ability of the body to sweat and decrease body temperature by evaporative cooling. Consequently, a person taking Nortriptyline can easily overheat, either due to hot climate or excessive exercise - Lisa

I agree with zoology - I had to stop taking imapramine for this exact reason (which was unfortunate because I liked it otherwise). Sorry to hear of your woes, George. When I used impramine and was so hot, besides running the a/c, I used fans and water spray bottles to keep myself cool, as well as polar bandannas - they have crystals inside that stay cool when you soak them in water. I would tie them around my neck.

Best, Bonnie

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can’t take this heat! It’s been 100 degrees this week (Texas), and I’ve been so much worse than normal. I can’t play with my kids outdoors, etc, etc. I’m so frustrated. Maybe I’ll move someday…