Hey All,

I’m learning the hard way just how absolutley critical a regular sleep schedule is – at least for me – in dealing with MAV. I’m so glad that I keep an e-diary of symptoms from a way back because I’d forget otherwise. I’m currently experiencing severe visual vertigo and disorientation plus the usual depression and agitation that it creates. It has escalated since the day I returned until now. I’m quite sure I’ve peaked and now have to white-knuckle this and at the same time put in a strict migraine schedule to get over it all. No drugs today because I have to do that migraine study this afternoon and don’t want to dampen anything down by loading up on valium. I’ll mainline it though when I’m done today. :lol:

Just wondering if you guys are thrown into a heavy meltdown if you have your sleep disrupted from travel etc? It’s clear to me as well why jet lag is so brutal.

Scott :shock:

I seem to be reasonably resilient to changes in sleep schedule (1 or 2 hours more or less) but must say I haven’t been OS since the MAV fun began so no idea what jet-lag woudl do to me

hang in there!

Hi Gabrielle,

I think a few hours here or there in terms of time zone change is OK. What I did was go to bed at 11 PM, was up at 3:30 AM, flew to Sydney at 6 AM, had friends waiting here to entertain that day, and in the end, didn’t get to sleep that night until about midnight which was 2 AM in NZ. The following day was rough. I was not going to bed consistently last week at 10:30 PM like I should. Lesson learned. :roll:

ive had sleep problems for years - prob since peri menopause but the lady i talked to about my sleep assessment the other day said it was pretty important to stick to a schedule even on weekends - about the same as the week - shxx i don’t want to get up at 445 on weekends! i love sleeping in on my days off not that much but some - she wanted me to sleep no later than 6 or 630 which i usually can’t sleep past 7 anyway but i guess it can mess you up esp when sunday night rolls around and you aren’t as tired cuz you slept in - my problem is in stay up late on weekends watching movies and stuff.

I love sleeping in on weekends cuz i have all kinds of cool dreams and in them i am NOT sick!!! thats why i love sleeping

I haven’t determined if sleep stuff is a migraine trigger for me or not


Sleep deprivation (for me) is probably the only “trigger” that I have found in terms of making me feel worse than my baseline “yucky” feeling.

I am on ambien (which I am starting to break in half in hopes of weaning off of)…but it does help me get some solid sleep in.

A nap during the day is key to me having a decent night…though my department would not be too keen on my sleeping for 2 hours during the work day :lol:

My body flat out gets tired after dealing with this all day…it is like my brain is working a double shift trying to sort through all of the bad signals. Keep up the fight Scott and keep us posted about the migraine study. I am interested to hear what you find out.


Not getting plenty of sleep or not keeping consistent with the time i go to bed and the time i wake up is very, very hard on me. This weekend i really messed up…Friday night went to bed around midnight and Saturday went to bed around 1am. Normally thru the week i’m in bed by 9-10pm. So i feel very tired…even as i’m writing to you now.


Regular sleeptimes are very important for me, as part of managing my migraines. But it’s more the time of getting up that bothers me, than the time I go to bed. I’ve never been able to have lie ins, as this is practically asking for a migraine. I usually go to bed at around the same time each night (11.00- 11.30) because I am tired by then, and get up between 7 and 7.30 every day. I set the alarm the same at the weekends too.

The only thing more likely to give me a migraine is not eating regularly. I need to eat something small every 2-3 hours or else I get a migraine. Of course, since I have been on pizotifen I like to eat something big every 2-3 hours…wonder why I’ve put 7kg on???

beech…i also cannot skip meals or else the motion increases and it affects me mentally and physically. I guess you could say the migraine like condition increases without a snack or meal.

Scott…you mentioned something about feeling Agitated …could you elaborate on this. thanks…



I’ve just started trying to stick to a regular sleep schedule of going to sleep at 10pm and waking at 7am to see if it helps. I’m in week 2 and doing ok except struggling to get up at 7am on weekends.

I do a job where I travel to events around the uk and on occasions I’ll have to wake up at 4.30am to travel early. I wanted to ask what you all do when you know your normal sleep routines are going to be disrupted. Is it better to alter your sleep times for that night to maintain the numbers of hours you sleep? I.e I would go to bed at 7.30pm on nights where I’d need to wake up at 4.30am. Or is it better to stick as closely to your usual routine as possible even if that means less sleep that night? And if you do have less sleep one night, do you find that trying to sleep for a few hours during the next day to make up for lost sleep helps or does this actually make it more difficult to get back to your usual sleep routine that day?

I’m interested to know as tiredness makes my MAV worse so I’m trying to work out if it’s better to make sure I still have 9-10 hours sleep on days where I have to wake up really early or if it’s better to stick to my usual sleep routine with less sleep that night.



I am so sensitive to disruptions in my sleep cycle that daylight savings switch over is a nightmare for me. It only takes me a week or two to adjust in the fall, but in the spring, it takes me 1 to 2 MONTHS :shock: to adjust. Something as simple as getting up early for an appointment can and will leave me dizzy all day.

Yes, Im the same and also cannot lie in which I find very annoying! If I oversleep even by an hour I get a headache. Why is that? Anyone know? But im the same I used to be able to stay awake until whenever I wanted but now I have to sleep by about 11 or I’m worse the next day but too much sleep seems worse for me! Travelling also messes me up big time. I hate this shit!