Sleeping on Nortriptyline

Hi all

i am currently on 50mg on Nort and i am having lots of vivid dreams and i am waking up constantly during the night

Anyone had this? :?

Alright Rob…no can’t say I have…nori knocked me out completely! Propranolol gave me really vivid dreams…apparently it’s a common side effect of beta blockers…how are you now? I am having a sh%t time these past fews weeks. I am hoping that the fact that the antibiotics have made me much worse is a sign they are doing something!! LOL. :smiley:

It affects me like that Rob. It was worse at the beginning and with increased doses. I tried to go from 35mg to 40mg again the other day and I woke up early and was in a half dream state for hours not sleeping properly. I have gone back to 35mg and I am sleeping better again but I definitely have a lot more dreams on nori generally…and usually they aren’t nice dreams, they are stressful ones x

I don’t take Nort–but this is a funny thing because ALL of the drugs that affect migraine affect the brain, and I think we are all prone to vivid dreams of sorts.

I wanted to share a quick (funny) story.

Sometimes my dreams are so vivid that they become mixed with reality to the extent that I’m not 100% sure if what I think I know happened really happened, or if I dreamt it. I vividly remember reading an email the other day and being surprised that a certain person in our office was leaving her job–the same day that she had presented a very well publicized national webinar! So I was shocked. I mentioned something about it the other day, and even as I started to say something, a niggling in the back of my mind said, WAIT A MINUTE–that might actually not have been a real email–I might have dreamed that bit about the leaving.

Tahaha–apparently–having lived through the webinar–and dealing with the mass outflow of workforce in my office, my brain made up the whole she’s leaving thing and created the email— :oops:

She’s here–working away, and happy as a clam with her job–and I, have GOT to be sure that I am POSITIVE about what I’m talking about before I speak :lol:

(FYI–I have–and so has my whole mom’s side of the family where this mess comes from–ALWAYS been susceptible to vivid dreams, especially when I’m not feeling well, or when taking medication)

I am going to give the Nort a couple of weeks and hopefully it will die down

Hi Lizzie, :smiley:
Yeah I am not too bad thanks. Sorry you’re having a rough time. Hopefully it means it’s doing something then. When you back to see Dr Owen?

While on Nori, my dreams have been more vivid, and sometimes they are very violent. I think i hallucinated once when I woke up in the middle of the night. But it doesnt bother me.

OMG YES! I don’t think I ever sleep more than 3hrs at a time on Nori because my dreams are so intense, I usually wake up sweating and scared out of my wits!

This is so annoying. I wake up about 5/6 times in the middle of the nigth for no reason. I fall back to sleep straight away but it’s really affecting my sleep. I was sleeping a lot better before this med. I don’t know if I should stick with it, lower the dose or ditch it and swap it for Amitriptyline.

I am exactly the same mate… having vivid dreams every night and no where near as high as you yet!

I don’t wake up too much but have the vivid dreams. I guess they would be worse at a higher dose. Maybe come down a bit Rob and see if that helps. I have just been able to put up with it but would be horrible if it got a lot worse x

Don’t switch it to Ami. More side effects with that drug.

Lower the dose and see if it helps

Surprised it’s keeping you up though- suppsoed to be quite sedating. I do get vivid dreams though. Not sure if its the drugs or the MAV.

Totally fed up of the dream within in a dream within in a dream with sleep paralysis.
I am INCEPTION the person.


Good luck x

Thanks for the advice i might lower it to 40mg
it’s done the opposite to me i am less tired since being on Nort

its so funny how we differ in sensitivity to meds…

I remember once taking magic mushrooms when I was younger. 1 of my friends felt nothing, even on the strongest shrooms available, wheras I was tripping crazily on weaker type

what time of the day do you take it? can you try taking it in the morning? I wonder about ami vs. nori- if one might work way better than the other for some people? I have been thinking about trying to switch to ami…

Did this improve for you I wonder? I’m struggling to even fall asleep then i feel shattered all day. Then wide awake again at night. Just switched to nortritplyine from another med following a relapse so hoping it may settle. Sleeping is not normally a problem for me.

Seems to be quite common side effect with Nortriptyline it seems. If you try the Search facility you’ll find other references. Hope it wears off for you soon because it often proves a helpful preventative for VM.

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I’ve read from a book by a clinical psychiatrist that Nortriptyline is known to be activating for a certain percentage of people though for most it is sedating. I have the same issue and find it very activating. For those that do find it activating it’s recommended to take in the morning


Indeed there are other references on here from the past saying the same.

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My pain management doc prescribed Nortriptyline for nighttime and initially I had some pretty bizarre dreams, but after taking it for about two months the dreams subsided and now things are normal. It does let me sleep nicely, and it shuts my Sciatica up.