Sleeping Pills

As a teacher with summers off, I have the luxury of time off to set new goals each summer. What started off as doing things for fun like grow tomatoes, make chocolate bars, take photography classes, or train a puppy, has now turned into doing things to improve my health like lose weight or exercise. The good thing is that I dive into whatever it is with all my heart and always learn a ton and accomplish quite a bit in the process. This year, my goal is to get off of sleeping pills. Every night I take half a generic Ambien or 6 mg. in order to force myself to go to sleep at a regular time and wake up between 5:30 to 6:00 a.m. for work each morning. With two more weeks left of school, I started reading a book on a 6-week program based on cognitive behavioral therapy; I’d also like to find a clinic that would support this. I’d love to be able to sleep naturally, something I haven’t done in about 3 -4 years and which I wonder might contribute to migraines. Has this been a struggle for anyone? Any success stories? Would love hearing from you.

Night night,