Anyone have trouble sleeping? i don’t have trouble falling asleep but i wake up about 6 or 7 times in the night

Yes I have trouble sleeping. Once I close my eyes (I sleep sat up by the way) the room starts to spin and I have a fainting fit close to losing consciousness. This happens every night and for about half hour or more then I must fall asleep. I never sleep all the way through, longest I get is about 4 hours then I am awake. I wake up spinning till I get up and then have to go through the whole thing again to get any more sleep.


Hey, gals, you’re getting good practice for when you’re older and your bladder rouses you.

Haha @ David :lol:
Yes I have trouble sleeping as well, I usually wake up at least twice in the night. I actually ended up taking the rails/boards off my bed so I sleep closer to the ground, that seems to help a bit. I also find it difficult to lie on my back, I get the dizzy feeling almost instantly in that position.

Yes I have the same problem, I actually dream that I’m dizzy and floating/spinning around, and wake up from that. And for some reason I get really thirsty and drink water all night lol

i having anxiety (worrying) dream. So i wake up all anxious!! :frowning: