Sleepless in it the paxil or the nori

Started on my program finally, after having compounded nori and paxil. Am taking 2.5paxil 2 hours before bed, and taking 5mg.nori at bedtime, per dr.'s orders. First night was last night and I was up the entire night and haven’t slept all day today. I have heard from some that I should take paxil in the morning, and I don’t know about the nori, but one of those drugs are causing me to NOT drop off to sleep. I even took a sleep aid and another at 4am and STILL didn’t sleep. Any advice or has anyone had this happen to them.?? Spinning lady MEREDITH

I had horrible sleep issues with these meds in the beginning. What they say is you will get wired, or tired. It depends on your chemistry and as you can see, you get wired. You are probably having anxiety as well worrying about the dude effects etc…
What sleep aid Do you take?
Can you ask your doctor to prescribe Restoril, or a benzo, or remeron? These all work quite well and will slow you to sleep while you adjust to the meds.
You can pm me anytime if you have any questions. Another option is to substitute amitriptyline for the nori as they are almost the same drug but the ami is more sedating.
Good luck my friend!

Hi Kelley,
Thanks for the good advice. Just as I start complaining about NOT sleeping, I had a great night’s sleep last night and just woke up. I went to my computer first thing and saw your post. What I did different was I put the air conditioner on cooler and put a fan on to keep the air moving. My hubby said he has to wear his snowsuit to bed. BUT, it felt less stuffy and I could breathe better. I just take an over the counter diphenhydramine sleep aid and only took half a dose ( just one pill,not two) and slept. I feel much better this morning. So far, I think i’m doing ok on the paxil and Nori. You are right, that taking both really scared me and I was just full of anxiety. Hope you are doing well, Kelley. Question: who’s Rocky? ( smile)xoxoMeredith

LOL Meredith - Picturing your hubby in his snowsuit! :lol:

So dear of him to accommodate you.

Glad you were able to sleep - I was wondering if you had allergies because the pollen counts have been horrendous (I’m in the midwest too), but if you do, the diphenhydramine would have helped. But maybe the anxiety was a part of the problem too.

A good night’s sleep makes a world of difference.

We are SO lucky to have Kelley here to help - she’s one of us AND she can provide such important info! :smiley:

Maybe it was just a one off for you, but I tried the Nor last week at one quarter of a tablet and was awake until 6 in the morning, I spent the whole night feeling both wired and tired :shock: The dr. said she hadnt heard of that happening before, but then they seem to be saying this to me all the time like I am some sort of freak with these meds.


Rocky is my first born son. He’s a corgi who looks just like the dog in my profile picture! My little love bug who I adore. No kids of my own till I got step kids… I’ll take dogs over teenagers any day!! Lol
Glad you got some sleep!! Makes all the difference!!


Did I hear you say the combo of drugs is working? I hope that is the case!! I’ve been taking a Tylenol pm every night since dr Fife suggested and am sleeping better than ever which I believe is also helping with my MAV. I’m so happy to hear you got some sleep. What a relief!!!

Let me know?


I can’t be sure of anything as yet. I started my cocktail finally only a few days ago, BUT I think I feel better. fingers crossed and toes. I walked half a mile today and made cupcakes for the grandkidlets for Easter brunch in the am. So, now I am just dizzy as a top, and need to stop moving around. How are YOU doing and how is Matthew? Meredith

You sound like a doggie lover and I AM A DOG LOVER!!! Wonderful, now we can talk about our gorgeous dogs and how smart they are. Your first born son is adorable in the pic, but that not him, you say? Close enough, probably!! I have had black labs and golden retrievers for years and years. The labs were all named the same ( Zigfried). The one I loved the VERY best died of a tummy blockage and oh boy, it took me 3 days to stop crying and even get out of bed, I was so grieved. Yes, I love my boys and the grandkids. They’re very nice, good people and all that, BUT my doggies lol ( smile) and some days I’m not even kidding about this. hugs to you and a nice head scratch to Rocky Meredith

Hi Christine,
I feel your frustration with Dr’s. ohhhhh I get so mad sometimes, especially when they look at me with a blank stare when I say I have MAV. So, I have found a good way to “answer” them, when they say they have never heard of it. I say that I would be happy to bring them some medical reports, articles, etc. so that they can read up on it. Makes them feel as foolish as they made me feel, not even believing me when I tried to describe MAV. Well,thank goodness for Dr. Hain and Dr. Fife in Az. and others who know. Hope you can get some sleep. I hope I do tonight. Being up all night is awful for this illness and ruins us for the next day and beyond. zzzzzzzz! Good luck. meredith

I think I mentioned this in another post but I have to take Paxil in the morning…can’t sleep if taken at night. Also it can give you some night sweats so I have to keep my room temp comfortable and fans easily available in the room.

Teddypan, you did mention that to me in another post. I AM going to switch my paxil pill to the morning, when I take my vitamins etc. You know, I have been having night sweats and I am happy to hear that it’s from Paxil, at least. I did not know for sure. Well, that’s why I turned the airconditioner on even tho it’s cold outside and husband Dale is whining about being freezing. I told him I have night sweats and can’t sleep in a hot room. I told him we DO have a guest room, if he doesn’t like it. LOL!!! Meredith

Meredith…my poor husband is in the same boat! Between me being peri-menopausal and the drug stuff he is always having to fling off covers or bundle up…lol. I love having a window open for the cool breeze but my neck doesn’t love it (it’s right above our bed) and a stiff neck leads to more migraine activity for me:(

Too funny about your Husband. BTW, I switched my Paxil to noon, with lunch. Thanks!! I have slept better the last two nights. I think I am feeling better. Kind of scared to say that, as it’s only been a short time, but I may be noticing some improvment since I started Paxil and Nori. I guess time will tell. Meredith!

That is great news Meredith! I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling better with the Paxil and nori. I’m like you, I’m afraid to tell people I’m better because of what happened with my last drug. I was feeling good on that for the first few weeks, than it stopped working. With the Effexor, I am feeling sooo much better but it hasn’t even been a couple weeks. Are you on the full dosage yet? I’m also happy to hear your sleeping better. I’m crossing my fingers that this is it for your MAV and soon you’ll be better.

Talk to you soon.


Glad to hear that you are feeling some relief. Any day that you can feel more “normal” is a great win in my book :smiley: