So confused - especially for travel

I have the constant kind of dizziness that started exactly 1-1/2 years ago after dental work and a long drive. I recognise many things here on this forum. But I have one diagnosis of MAV and one of MDDS, and I know that I feel better when driving and have worse symptoms after car travel. I want so much to travel internationally by plane, but I am afraid of getting worse. The main MDDS researcher says to take valium on a plane ride, but I don’t have a prescription.

Does it really matter if it is MAV or MDDS?
Is there an alternative to valium (I assume it is used to dull the motion detection and not set off higher levels of dizziness)? I don’t have anxiety or headaches, I am looking for something strictly for long haul plane travel or distance driving so I don’t get worse. Herbal, headstanding, deep breathing, hypnosis – I’m open :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much!

How long was your car ride that started all this? I can relate to feeling better when in the car and worse when you get out. Thats how I feel too. But this never started for me with a long drive/boat/plane ride. It just came out of nowhere.

I tend to do better with airplanes, even long ones. They never bother me. So when it comes to long distance travel I prefer to fly. I just don’t feel the motion like I do in a car/boat/or train. They screw me up big time.

What does your dizziness feel like? Have you looked into tmj or neck problems as a cause for your dizziness? I say that because of the dental work. Having your neck extended like that and mouth open for a while can cause dizziness. Just a thought. I don’t want to confuse you more!
Have you tried taking any migraine meds for your symptoms?

Hello Joy,
It was the upper back left molar, and it took several visits over a few weeks, but would that last a year and half and no end in sight? A few days after I had a four hours drive.

The most marked thing for me is that I feel better driving. And unfortunately worse when I stop.

So you think flying is better than driving? I haven’t tried a flight since it started. I guess I won’t know for sure until I do, but really I’d rather not risk getting worse without all the possible information.

I haven’t anyone to give me any medications. Researchers contact me for their studies, but I don’t want to fly over and see them for a prescription! I did all the horrible testing last year and don’t want to retest and see any of the ENT’s around here again if I can help it. Also I’m not keen on taking medications anyway.

Basically I just stay home all the time because outings can be so uncomfortable, but where I live is not the best and my heart is set on travelling and finding a new place.

Hard to say if airplanes are okay for you. I just know for me it’s fine.
I would definitely try to get to the bottom of what is going on with you. There is no reason you should stay at home all the time. Time to get this figured out!
Seems weird that a four hour car ride would give you MDDS. Isn’t that after really long boat or train rides/car rides? More like days and days, not four hours.

What did the tests show? Do you have any inner ear damage?

No vestibular or inner ear damage. Dr Cha says driving 3+ hours can set off Mdds.

I just read that non prescription antivert is also a vestibular suppressant, though it didn’t improve my vertigo at all. However, I never considered taking it on a drive or flight in order not to increase symptoms. It does make me very sleepy, which is not good for driving obviously but might be ok for flying. I really wish I could get a straight answer, when I hear all these people having exactly the same symptoms and telling the same story, it really is quite frustrating.