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I’m new to the forum but have been reading it for quite a while now. Diagnosed with mav in December 08 at John Hopkins after seeing many doctors and having many tests done. I was told by the ENT there to go on the migraine diet and to take a migraine preventive med. he said instead of having to travel their to adjust my meds. I could just do this through my fp. Well I did the migraine diet and went on Nortriptyline (the med. choice of the dr. at John Hopkins I went to) only to suffer severe dry mouth, constipation and feeling as if I was going to pass out every time I stood up. So I went off the meds. in May after being on them for 7 weeks and having no relief from any of my mav symptoms (only added problems from the meds). I noticed many of you are seeing Dr. Hain. I have tried to contact him via e-mail with no luck. I guess my question is should I see a neurologist, neurotologist, my fp, ??? where do I go now? Would any one on this forum know of a doctor in Virginia or Northern VA that is familiar with mav I could see? Any help would be great. I been dealing with this since Feb. 2008. Just a small town girl looking for a way out of this dizzzy world!!!

Have you tried calling Dr. Hain? He does phone consultations if that helps.

no, I havn’t called Dr. Hain, but thanks for the advise. I guess I’ll give it a try.

I did the phone consult with Dr Hain and then follow up with email. He has been very good, although in person is better if you can make the trip. I also wouldn’t give up on Hopkins yet either…good luck. Ben

I was given a “handout” from my Dr. at Mass Eye and Ear regarding MAV. It is from a Dr. John Carey at Johns Hopkins Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery. I believe the paper itself was written by Drs. Michael Teixido and Dr. John Carey. Have you heard of these Drs. at John Hopkins? Since you are already being seen there you might be able to get an appointment with one of them.

Does anyone know how I might submit a copy of this paper to the administrators of this forum to have them post it for me. It is really very informative and has a page about the migraine diet and also a page regarding vitamins and dietary supplements that may help.

Hi Julie,
Welcome to the forum. I was wondering what your MAV symptoms are? Also, what dose did you start with on nortriptyline and how high did you get? Good luck! I agree that there are probably some very excellent docs at Hopkins and it may be best to let them manage your meds. I’ve also heard great things about Dr. Hain, but if you have access to Hopkins, seeing a doc in person is usually best.


You can contact “Scott” here on the forum. I’m sure he will post the information you have about MAV.


Hi Emma,

You can find the relevant post with this article here:

Hope you’re having a good weekend. I booked and paid for the flight. The date changed slightly. I’ll be in LA on 27 Aug sometime in the morning!

Scott 8)