So, when your new doc doesn't even believe in MAV as a dx

So, when your new doc doesn’t even believe in MAV as a dx, what do you do? I’ve had two other docs that were very supportive of my dx and helped me out in whatever ways they could. My old doc transferred (military doc) and the new gp admittedly knows nothing of vestibular disorders. At least he admitted it and then he sent me to a neurologist out in town to be my “specialist” for the MAV. I asked the managed care providers to find a doc on the list that had experience with vestibular disorders and MAV.

…So of course they sent me to someone that doesn’t even believe in MAV. It does not exist. Not proven. …Yet, to him none of my symptoms made sense. He’s “baffled” by my case. :wink: My dh thinks I just not go back to see him and request that my gp find me someone else. I think I agree. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but I don’t trust him and obviously he doesn’t believe in me as a patient. He told me that I couldn’t possibly have the symptoms I have with wall paper, small rooms, malls, patterned carpet, loudspeakers in places like walmart, etc. ??? Um, excuse me? I’ve lived with this stuff since 1999. I know what my symptoms are.

How have you guys dealt with stuff like this? Does everyone have a problem finding a doctor that has heard of MAV or thinks that it is actually a problem?

Should I send my neurologist a packet of MAV information along with a letter describing in nice words that we are not a good fit?

I think when it comes down to that he doesn’t believe you and you don’t believe him, and you really want to educate him…well, it’s kind of difficult for information to enter a closed mind. So you can move on and send him a letter to that effect. But he probably won’t read it.

Life is too short to waste time educating people who don’t want to learn anything.

Life IS too short! I agree!

This afternoon I called the doctor’s office and explained that I would not be coming back and a brief explanation of why. It might not ever make it past his receptionist, but I have no desire to “convince” this guy of anything. It is not my job to convince a doctor that a MAV dx exists. Heck, I was prepared to have to possibly convince him that I had it, but I never thought he wouldn’t believe it even existed. ??

Oh well. I’ll just continue to go back to see my good old boy ENT who’s daughter suffered from MAV for several years for my appts until I move again next summer. I liked him anyway!!