my insurance accepted the prior authorization to see Dr Priesol at Mass Eye and Ear for One visit…now i just have to call and set up an appt

Congrats! One visit is better than none. He’ll hopefully diagnosis and hopefully you’ll leave with a treatment plan. And hopefully you’ll have a good doctor to carry the plan out.

:slight_smile: A lot of hopefully’s in that sentence.

Are you feeling any better?

i have good days and bad days upping my nortriptyline on tuesday so damn i just want some answers and i want to rule out vestibular and find out what i should be treating and just have some hope from a medical professional that they are certain i will be well again some day as all the previous drs tell me i have to live wih it…

I hope your appointment goes well and you find out what the problem is for definate. It always helps to know what you’re fighting. And I don’t like Drs who say you have to live with it.