Social Security Disability "USA" - Any Experience?

Does anyone have experience applying for Social Security Disability with MAV/PPPD with or without anxiety and depression? I’ve been suffering with dizziness & nausea since May 2016 and symptoms have been up and down while on different medications. My job laid me off last January shortly after giving them a note from my neurologist and have been looking for a job, however, very afraid my symptoms are going to prevent me from actually getting or remaining employed. And as an added challenge, artificial lighting, computer screens, noise, activity, and pattern floors add to my symptoms.

People in one of the Facebook groups have discussed this. I’m sorry but I don’t remember which group (either Vestibular Migraine Professional, or Vestibular Disorders Support Group).

This would be nice to know!

I’m going to renew Ron’s question. A lot of the time I’m good on Botox but I’m still a total wreck the week and a half before and two weeks after. No employer will hire someone who can only function well a cumulative 8-9 months a year. I’ve been losing clients over VM. I asked my neurologist if she would support a disability claim. Top Seattle neurologist reply: why, migraine isn’t a disability. Not even a nod to VM, just standard migraine. The woman is hard. Watching a 48 year old woman silently sob into her mask while receiving injections did not sway her. Instead she wants to ask my insurance if I can have Botox every 10 weeks (@$3500) and she doubled my Ubrelvy. I’ve tried the higher dose of Ubrelvy. It went a bit like this.

So now I’m super depressed. I’ve spent 7 years building my business. Throwing in the towel is devastating but I’ve come to accept reality. I can’t survive financially on what I can accomplish. Only in America there’s no safety net.

For my husband’s part, he made a list of everything he owns that he could sell if it kept us afloat and means I don’t have to keep enduring more suffering and failure for years on end. Good God I married well.

So, anyone try the US Disability route? Successes? Tips?

Thx :heart:


Reach out to your local bar association for attorney referral. Don’t give up because one doctor will not help. I kept at it and was approved at the hearing level with an experienced attorney and understanding judge. I was eventually approved for five conditions, one more than I actually included on my application. The medical expert who called into the hearing said I suffered from hypertension. Your lawyer may help you to find a new doctor who is willing to help with your case. Good luck


Thanks Ron. Hypertension? Really? I’ve been on two blood pressure meds since I was 20. But that of course is not the real issue. It would be a giant relief not to constantly struggle with bringing in the minimum to keep the lights on. I like my career and pine for the old days when I worked a lot, made a lot. The last three-four years have made it clear that’s not coming back no matter how I feel about it.

Very welcome. I read online somewhere that listing even “minor” conditions we suffer from will add to your case. So if you have anxiety and depression related to vestibular migraine headaches then list those conditions. After going through the hearing I would say an attorney is absolutely necessary at that level.


Thank you !