Some good news

I wanted to share with everyone that I am almost 13 weeks pregnant! I have been waiting until this morning’s ultrasound to share the news with you. I just wanted to make sure everything was ok before telling more than immediate family. Thank goodness everything went well today.
I have written many notes that I am continuing to deteriorate, and the pregnancy is why I haven’t been on meds. It seems as though pregnancy can. makes things better or worse, and for me (literally from a few days after conception) my condition deteriorated. In addition to the terrible dizziness, my migraine with aura have increased tremendously. I have them daily at times, and my head pain has also increased. And, of course, the dreadful dizziness is just out of control.
I would never take back the pregnancy for a second, and am so happy about it, but I still am very sad about the current state of my health and inability to function. The OB/GYN mentioned today that Zoloft is VERY safe in pregnancy, so I will discuss with Dr. Rauch next week. I don’t want to take anything that would harm the baby, but my husband is extremely concerned about the exacerbation of my symptoms and just how much I have deteriorated. It definitely speaks to have hormonally driven this illness is.
I feel so glad to have gotten to share this news with you. It is strange. Although we haven’t met, I feel very connected to all of you. We certainly share a bond that very few understand. I sure hope that we will have good health in common in the future

Congratulations one your pregnancy. I hope that as it progresses that you start to feel better.

It will be interesting to hear what Dr. Rauch tells you, hope he has some type of answer.

Best, Sally

Hi Lisa,

What fantastic news! Congratulations! You poor thing having to deal with this migraine nightmare all at the same time. I’m crossing my fingers for you that this sudden descent into more intense MAV is only temporary and that the preganancy will somehow work in your favour. I’ll also be very interested to hear how Dr Rauch will pursue this with you. I wonder if nortriptyline is also a safe option?

I’m really happy for you. Keep focusing on the good stuff coming and I’m sure with Rauch’s help, you’ll be able to manage this junk and hopefully see it out the door.

Scott :smiley:

Congratulations Lisa. That’s wondeful news. Sorry you’re feeling so poorly though. Hope you feel better as the pregnancy continues. Like you say though, it’s a good clue that hormones play a part in your migraines. Take care.


thank you, everyone.

Scott - I actually was doing progressively worse and worse before the pregnancy. I was extremely sick then. Pregnancy just made me even worse. The one good thing is that I’m so used to feeling unwell and nauseous everyday that the pregnancy symptoms haven’t even bothered me.


Congratulations!! That is such great news. I am sorry you are feeling so crummy. When I was pregnant (before all this MAV garbage), I really felt pretty bad in my first trimester. I was so sick. Horrible headaches, nausea, just…blah! I got sick everywhere (grocery stores, parking lots, work). It was pretty miserable. Things got better at the 16-week mark and I felt great after that. Your hormones are probably kicking into high gear right now getting your body ready for that little one. I bet things will settle down in the next few weeks. Congrats again!!

CONGRATULATIONS to you!! :smiley: I know with a lot of women the first trimester is the worst so maybe you really have some GOOD times coming, maybe the pregnancy can help straighten things out for you. I will pray for you everyday!!

Lisa, that is great news! That is something to keep you focused on the positives in life and I truly hope that as the pregnancy progresses, your MAV will subside…at least somewhat. Ben

Hey Lisa!
CONGRATULATIONS! That is really wonderful news… see, something in your life to really look forward to. I’m hoping after the first trimester that you will feel better. Dr. Newman says that most women feel better when pregnant:-)
Keep us posted.

Lisa, congrats. That’s great news. This crappy feeling will be well worth it in a few months. Hopefully into your second trimester, things will settle down for you. Take care of yourself.

Congratulations Lisa,

I always had a rough time the first trimester with both my children. Around the 14 th week or so my symptoms would decrease and I would feel pretty good until the last six weeks or so. With both pregnancies I had more headaches… but just for a few months and then no more headaches then my usual non-pregnant self. I wish you well. Kristen

Congrats Lisa,

Hopefully it will distract you from everything else going on!!



Congratulations Lisa! I am so pleased for you.

Love, Becky xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lisa, Congratulations :smiley:

I know a couple of women who have take zoloft or its relatives during pregnancy and the kids turned out 100% fine, if anything the kids seem to be happier than the norm.

I’m very happy for you and your husband.

Thank you very much for all the kind words!!
Bookworm - your comment about the children being happier made me laugh, and it takes a lot to make me laugh these days, so thanks!

Oh Lisa,

I am so happy for you! :slight_smile: The dizziness and terrible symptoms you have must be overwhelming. I hope that the joyful thoughts of motherhood can help you through the hard days!

It’s good to have some good news once in a while!


I am a guy so don’t really know what a pregnancy incorporates; but it’s no piece of cake even for “normal” people that much I’ve learned. I think it’s very strong of you to pursue this with your current health. :slight_smile:

Regarding nortriptyline, I just checked the swedish FASS (for docs about medications) and it says (about amitriptyline which is very similar to nortriptyline) that there’s a risk of the fetus (unborn child) being affected: “discuss with your doctor before using”.

MikaelHS - thank you. Yes, I definitely do not think I’m allowed Nortriptyline. Believe it is category D which is NOT safe. Zoloft apparently is fairly safe. Will not jump into taking anything without a lot of research and doctor approval. Even with doctor’s approval, I might still be scared too. I’m very hesitant.

Hey Lisa,
Also just wanted to add that most of these medicines are only teratogenic when taken in the first trimester. So if you decide to go with a med that is deemed safe in pregnancy, you should feel doubly reassured to take it after your first trimester.
Best wishes and good luck with your appt. with Dr. Rauch!
Keep us posted,

Good Luck you are a brave woman to do this with this condition, best of luck and hopefully your hormones will change this stuff for the better for you.