Some options if you need some quick safe food

It really is better for our issues if we cook fresh foods. But doing it three times a day, everyday, is a little unrealistic. It is difficult to be that motivated, that energetic (no caffeine) and that organized 7 days a week. We need a break - an occasional vacation.
So I meandered through the frozen food aisles, seeking products that would be available at the last minute, in my freezer. I will show you what I found, but first I need to share two wonderful tidbits I rediscovered:

1 “Raw onions are to be avoided but cooked in food may be okay”. (National Headache Foundation)
2.At first “no onions” and then, “after you have been on the diet for 6-10 weeks (that’s me!) you may be able to tolerate cooked onions”. And, no aged cheese but “after a time, you might try adding back relatively young cheese such as goat or mozzarella”. (Buchholz - Healing Your Headache )
Labels may change so please check before buying

Trader Joe’s (Freezer section)

1.TJ Baked Ziti Reduced Guilt (no onions listed) Actually tastes fine. The amount of cheese is minuscule and you can lift it off after cooked, if you are worried. It does not look like the picture. Serve with a salad or vegetables. It is very filling.
2.TJ Tandoori Naan
3.TJ Turkey Burgers (They are not bad. I sauteed in a little oil, ground pepper and rosemary. I served them with sliced tomatoes, quinoa and a small dollop of Dijon mustard)
TJ Grass Fed Angus Beef Burgers
TJ Wild Salmon
4. Cheese Blintzes ( I serve these with a green salad with thin sliced apple, dried cherries and a sweet dressing (see below), and steamed carrots.
5. Organic Quinoa
Organic Rice Medley
Organic Brown Rice
Organic Jasmine Rice

The following looked good but did include “cooked onions”.
TJ Paneer Masala Naan
TJ Vegetable Panang Curry
TJ Palak Paneer (listed at the very end of ingredients)Very good and filling - we each ate 1/2 of it with rice. No reaction for me up to 48 hours later.

Also, Trader Grotto Organic Spinach and Ricotta Pizza (has a dough conditioner and a very little amount of mozzarella cheese, no onions) Very tasty. I served it with a Greek salad of cucumber, green pepper, Romaine salad greens, a little tomato, parsley, dried oregano and feta. Toss with olive oil (2 parts), vinegar (1 part), salt and pepper.

RALPHS/KROEGER MARKETS (freezer section)

1.Kroeger Frozen Wild Salmon and Wild Halibut
2.Amy’s Organic Stuffed Pasta Shells
3.Alexa Sweet Potato Fries
4.Nature Raised: Grilled Breast Fillets and Chicken Breast Strips
5.Saffron Road: Lamb Vindaloo

And with cooked onions:
Saffron Road: Palak Paneer, Lamb Saag
Michael Angelos: Lasagna with Meatsauce
Amy’s: Organic Vegetable Lasagna (do not get low sodium version)
Newman’s Own: Margherita Thin and Crispy Pizza
Simple Truth: Organic Feta and Spinach Pizza (very little cheese on it)

COSTCO (freezer section)

1.Rice Expressions: both brown and white rice
2.Kirkland Premium Turkey Burgers (all breast meat)
3.SM “Prime”: 3-steak burgers
4.Foster Farms Homestyle Turkey Meatballs
5.Amy’s Organic Vegetable Lasagna (not low salt variety)
Before you buy all this remember, “you’re going to need a bigger” freezer.

WHOLE FOODS (freezer section)

1.Alexa Organic Yukon Gold Select Fries
2.Ian’s Fish Sticks (Pollack)
Ian’s Gluten Free Chicken Tenders
3.Organic 365 Butternut Squash Ravioli
4.Saffron Road: Lamb Saag
5.Whole Foods Green Curry Rice and Veggies (It has eggplant so be cautious if you are sensitive to the nightshade family)

Maybe (one bad thing!):
Whole Foods Caramel and Sea Salt Gelato (natural flavor)
Michael Angelo’s Chicken Parmesan (very little cheese, cooked onion)
Sukhis Chicken Tikka Masala Samosa
Amy’s Pesto Tortillini (cooked onion is last ingredient)

ALBERTSON’S (freezer section)

1.Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna (not the low salt variety)
Amy’s Palak Paneer
2.Saffron Road Lamb Vindaloo
3.Alexa Sweet Potato Fries
4.Ocean Eclipse Wild Pink Salmon
5.Haagen Daz Vanilla Ice Cream

With a little cooked onion:
Michael Angelo’s Chicken Parmesan
Michael Angelo’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Vinaigrette (for green salads with sliced apple or pear and crumbled fresh cheese) Whisk the following:
1/4 c olive oil + 2 T clear vinegar + 2 T honey + 2 tsp Dijon + 1/8 tsp salt