Some success....for now?

So I just wanted to share that I have had some success in moderating my migraines and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (KNOCKS ON WOOD) The latter is gone, essentially, whereas the former are very moderate. As my “getting to know” story post indicated, I get migraines cyclically almost every 70-90 days. Since I have been taking Celexa (20 MG), and now Effexor (75mg?), the last two migraines have been very mild. Mild vertigo for one or two days and then nothing. In the past, even on Nadolol at 60mg, I would have had a week long migraine, though it might have been lighter with meclizine.

So what that tells me is my vestibular migraines are likely caused by low serotonin levels in the brain which is treated with nighttime doses of SSRIs and SNRIs. I find it interesting that the GAD is completely resolved as well. Certainly a MARD issue. Thanks to the resources provided in this forum I was able to approach my problem in a far more intelligent manner.

Life is good, and I am optimistic that I can get some relief, somehow.


Savor it while you can . . . whether or not reverses are to come. You most likely will have the occasional downturn, due to stress or whatever, or . . . this may become the new normal, and thereby lose its yumminess.

I’m glad to hear you have gotten good results. Interesting that they paired those two meds together. Most docs would be fearful to do that, but glad it’s working for you. Thanks for sharing.

I am also curious as to both of those meds being taken together? Usually it’s an either or…

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Thanks to the resources provided in this forum I was able to approach my problem in a far more intelligent manner.

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Great news and glad the information here put you on the correct path. The forum just served one of its purposes. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear its working, Im on 3 preventatives, and one is Celexa, Im currently in 25mg going up to 30mg in a few days. It has really been a God send for me! I have even been able to cut down my verapamil dose as I am going up on the Celexa.

The dosing of Celexa and Effexor is sort of by accident and cowardice. My general practictioner prescribed 10 mg of celexa for the GAD. My psychiatrist upped it to 20 mg though she said that Effexor would be more appropriate for GAD. After reading this site and the prescription of Effexor for Migraines and related conditions ala MARD, I talked to my psychiatrist and she worked me in to Effexor. I was supposed to reduce my dosage of celexa, but as I have had no side effects at this low dosage and I feel awesome, from both ailments, I chickened out. My Doc said, essentially, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Never tried verapamil. Did try calcium channel blockers and inderal and triptins a while ago, but they didn’t do anytihng. The nadolol, MAY be doing something.

I am definitely savoring it. The idea that I don’t have to worry about being functionally disabled and in pain for a week… :smiley: Hopefully it will last.