Some Verapamil info from Dr Hain

Hi All,

I think some of you guys are probably already familair with this but this was a response from Dr Hain on Verapamil to Luke (with his permission):

“Verapamil is very constipating. At 240 mg daily, I would say about 90% have constipation. Usually people use Miralax for the constipation. I would ordinarily not go above 240 mg – if no effect by 1 month, I usually change to another agent.”

“We don’t use Pizotifen in the US, but it is similar to cyproheptadine (which we use a little bit). The big 3 medications in the US are topiramate, venlafaxine, and propranolol (or verapamil). My current favourite is venlafaxine, but the choice depends on the whole patient and the side effects they are willing to tolerate.”

Interestingly, however, Nance stuck it out longer than one month on Verapamil and it delivered the goods so one month may not be enough time. Is that correct Nance?

Cheers … Scott 8)

Thanks for that Scott. I took Haines notes from his site to my neurologist and I am being allowed Effexor, Verapamil and Cymbalta in whatever order I want. Am due to go over at the end of the week so need to decide. Am going between Effexor and Verapamil, probably Effexor.

Good luck with it all Christine … there’s been a lot of Effexor trialling going on lately. I’m still plodding along on it still and have been increasing the dose by the bead. It’s making me feel a little more anxious though as it increases and the heel pain is returning. :? I think I may have to really make the switch in about 2 weeks to Paxil.

Sounds like your neurologist is open to your ideas which is great.

Scott :slight_smile:

Hain is spot on because…

…Verapamil has caused me horrific constipation. I’m even taking laxatives but still can’t get much out! The annoying thing is I have had 2 really good weeks on it, 1 absolutely diabolical week of dizziness and now I’m starting to feel better again. So it could Verapamil is working for me or I’m just in a ‘good’ period. I’m hesitant to stop, because it might actually get me to like 90%, but at the same time I can’t sustain the SE’s for that much longer! I’m 50/50 about dropping it.

Next stop - Effexor if this doesnt work

You can’t win with this crap!

Let me know how you get on with Verapamil!

Verapamil has been extremely constipating for me. the only thing that helps is Miralax for me. have tried everything.

I am on 360 mg and luckily no side effects…he has me at a high level with Zoloft and I’m at 95%. The only side effect I have is I pee more than usual but not too bad.