Something in your eye?

Hi, just an odd query to see if anyone else shares the weird and wonderful symptoms of this delight :roll:

I couldn’t sleep the other night for the feeling that I had something (to me it felt like a small piece of hay!) in my right eye, under my eyelid. It was driving me crazy and it wasn’t until I asked my nearest and dearest to have a look in my eye the next day that he mentioned I’d had the same problem a lot coinciding with the isolated migraine attacks I was having on the run up to this relapse and at the start of this relapse. He was of course quite correct (Ah, if only my brain still worked like it used to!) and it does seem to be linked with migraine for me.

I often get eye pressure and I know people get a kind of deep eye pain with migraine, but do any of you get this kind of surface, “something in your eye” irritation??.

Hi Dizziblone

Sorry you having a relapse too, were you also on h/b 2003?

i dont usually have the feeling of something in my eye as such but i get eye surface soreness or sting and the weird eye pressure also like my eyes cant move as they usually do… feel slow and heavy :roll:


Hi Brina,

Yes I’m another ex-healthboard recruit from back in the old days. It’s a weird feeling, kind of comforting to keep stumbling across familiar faces (well, names) but equally bloody depressing that so many of us are still battling this crap so many years later.

My only advantage this time is that at least I have a diagnosis from the off and know which neurologists I need to be seeing - took me about 8 months last time for them to even accept that vestibular rehab wasn’t going to cure me. I hope your doc manages to come up with some sensible advice today for you, it sadly seems to be eat well, sleep well, avoid caffeine and painkillers and slowly work your way through the pharmacy until you find the most bearable solution. Thinking of you. Hx

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seems to be eat well, sleep well, avoid caffeine and painkillers and slowly work your way through the pharmacy until you find the most bearable solution.

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So true. I have a mini pharmacy in my house from all of this! :shock:

Mmm, such a shame we’re not all more local. We could have have a great bring and buy sale lol!

I get two things going on with this. Sometimes its like someone has just stabbed me in the eye with a pin, very brief and sharp.
Secondly, feel like something like a piece of grit in the eye, scratching, I spend ages trying to get something out but there is nothing in there.


Hi Christine, sorry you get this crap too but it’s really good to know someone else with the same odd symptom :roll:


Hi Dizzyblonde,

I don’t get the sensation of something being in my eye but I do get pain in my eye. Either zaps of quite intense pain from within the eyeball itself (always right side) or a prolonged, dull ache behind both. I did have optic neuritis several years ago, in my right eye, and the short, intense pain feels very much like the pain I had from that.

Is there NOTHING migraine can’t do??


Hi Dizzyblonde
I have a few wierd eye symptoms , but not the gritty feeling, eye pain like Vic, stabbing needle once in a while.
When I cough sneeze or strain, everything go’s Black, like there’s a constant pressure inside the eye balls.
Have you had your thryriod test? sometimes thyroid probs can cause dry eye’s,
Also I have a once yearly ANA blood test done just to be on the safe side, as my sister has sjogrens syndrome, she suffers this same problem with her eyes.

just food for thought, it’s probably just this darn migraine/ Cameleon! :shock:
wooops just realised it’s Jude, HI girl. :mrgreen: