Something odd does anyone get this?

Ok so I feel dizzy most of the time. Lately when I wake up in the morning I wont open my eyes as soon as I wake up and note that I dont feel hardly dizzy then as soon as I open them I feel very dizzy like the room is slowly moving but spinning wildly in my head.
Question this seem to me like there is defo a inner problem as my system with my eyes closed isnt dizzy but when I open my eyes they are so mixed signal situation going on? When I get up and move around for a bit it wears off quite bit till Im left with the mild dizzy feelings .
Anyone get this its quite a new symptom for me but I really think it indicates inner ear damage rather than migraine but Im not sure :slight_smile:

oh am i really the only one who get this :?

Try opening just one (or covering one) for starters.

Will try that but what do you think it means?

I am the exact opposite. I feel dizzier with my eyes closed. The eyes are what stabilize me. Not sure what it means for you, maybe your eyes are the problem…?

I doubt it’s the eyes per se. It’s usually the brain interpreting its inputs, either being confused by them or grounded by them. My suggestion, Blondie, was based on the possibility that, like some I know, you might find integrating the eyes’ input a bit of a challnege (or even a challenge).

Yeah, I agree with David, and I think it’s the brain’s interpretation that’s gone wrong here. I wonder if VRT would help you? Like Longshort I generally feel worse with my eyes shut, but I also have oscillopsia when my eyes are open (although that’s a minor irritation rather than something that makes me feel dizzy). I’ve just started on VRT to try to re-train my brain to get used to eye movements and motion etc.

I’m like that in the morning, both ways actually, depending on the day. I take my sweet time getting out of bed waiting for things to stop moving, or at least slow down enough for me to get up.

I feel the room mildly spinning while in bed with my eyes closed or open…doesn’t matter. For me…spinning is spinning and i can feel it no matter what.