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Something positive

Hey guys so I want you all to know after panicking beyond the point of no return , I made it on my 12 hour flight ! I dealt with it so much. Better than I thought ! I did fly business which made a huge difference but also I took a nasal spray , sea sick bands , quells and lots of Valium ! So for anyone scared of flying don’t be !

I’m only around 50-60% on a good day and still have lots of bad days so I hope this gives some hope to anyone wanting to fly while still not fully recovered :slight_smile: thanks all of you on here for your continued support it means so much

A x


Wonderful news Amy! I just knew you’d do well… so happy for you!!! Enjoy your trip to the states and keep us updated on your stay and return trip. XOXOXOXOXO

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Aw thanks so much ! I did have a little cry in the airport but it was no where near as bad as I thought !:blush::heart:

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Well done Amy :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:, knew you could do it. Enjoy the holiday and time with your boyfriend :heart:. Take care x

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I knew you could do it!!! Have a fab holiday💖

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Thanks so much @nin I actually cried when I landed it felt like such an achievement thank you now I have a whole month of rest :slight_smile: xxx

Thank you so much jo :slight_smile: can’t belivee I felt almost normal on the plane !:grimacing: x

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I knew that you would do great on the flight. Wishing you a great month of rest. If you are feeling pressure to feel or be a certain way because you are on vacation, try to put that to the side. If you don’t have the energy or health to do fun things, just don’t. And remember just a few months ago you did not feel certain that the trip would even be possible, and look at you now. xo

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Thank you soooo much @lsengara your so right I felt panic of those exact thoughts once I got here but ur right I want to just rest ! The main thing for me is I have improved because 6 months ago I could not of done this :slight_smile: xx

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That is great Amy - have a fab time! xx

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Thanks so much jan :slight_smile:

Hi Amy,
That’s great to here :grin:.
How long were you away for and did you feel any different after a few days or not really?

I’ve been back from my Lanzarote holiday and wedding 3 months now and have been feeling rubbish for about 4 weeks or so now and not knowing why. Im absolutely fine all morning and then i get the visual disturbance all afternoon until i go to bed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you’ve been ‘absolutely fine all morning’ that does sound like ‘feeling rubbish for about 4 weeks’ to me. For active MAV that’s sounds pretty fair. Half a day’s better than nothing but raises the question what happens when to stop the good morning continuing all day. Answer that and you might be on a real winner. Helen

Hiya :slight_smile:

I’m still away got to la Saturday started feeling unwell Sunday eve but I think it’s due to jet lag and period tbf ! Just resting and hoping it passes ! It sounds like maybe ur doing a bit too much is ur sleep cycle good ? Water food ect these things all upset the balance :slight_smile:

I think jetlag for our brains is a killer. But take your time to adjust and you will be fine. I have found doing exercise or walking good to settle the brain.
Glad you made it and I hope you enjoy it and keep healing in the meantime!

PS. We rarely talk about it, but cuddles, physical contact and sex also help heal the brain! I know you are visiting your partner, so take advantage of this part of therapy!!

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Yeah I think so too I didn’t sleep well for 2 days , but it’s crazy how bad it can make you ! I’m gonna attempt the gym today :slight_smile: however la is all highway so going everywhere by car is a killer !

Also totally agree with the last part :slight_smile: hopefully a month of all the above will do me the world of good :pray:t3: