Sons of the Desert potluck: problem and solution?

Saturday I rejoined the local tent of Sons of the Desert (L&H fan club), and joined them for the evening. The only two things in the potluck that reliably fit the migraine diet were the home-baked biscotti I brought and the bottled water they provided. I mean, I even found myself looking at the cranberry tangerine drink and asking myself, “Is tangerine citrus?” Sad.

Anyway, I got there not long after 6PM and we went to around 11, so I had to eat. No, not the chili, not even without the sour cream and shredded cheddar. But I did have multiple helpings of the store-bought macaroni salad and the homemade Caeser salad, and potato chips, plus two or three of the “buffalo” chicken nugget things. This was as healthy as I could find. Oh, and a couple of the white cupcakes with 3/4 inch of sweet, colored grease frosting.

Now as far as I could tell, I had no symptoms in reaction, except maybe, I originally thought, needing to get up and pee every 20 minutes. (I know, if I were a girl I could do it sitting down.) OTOH, I did drink around a quart of water. And besides, I’m 61 and I was laughing as hard as I can remember, as I watched Laurel and Hardy and Finn do their stuff on the screen.

So what I’m wondering is did the feelgoods perfectly counter the triggers?

Hi David,

Sounds like you ate mostly the right stuff, with only a little of food that might have caused problems. I play this gambling game all the time. I can get away with almost all chips. Yesterday, out shopping, I had jacket potato, chicken mayo and salad and a fishcake later in the day (which was slightly suspect) and threw in a small aero caramel chocolate bar and had no problems. I just keep the “wonder if” foods to small amounts. I would imagine you were totally stressfree and happy as you ate your food as I know how much you enjoy eating :wink: so there were no extra triggers either.


Laughing = endorphins, which are pretty powerful drugs! Seems plausible that it could overwhelm many a trigger.

Like the exercise discussion, it’s good to throw healthy lifestyle stuff in the mix to foil our known triggers - but as in all things, there has to be balance. We can’t spend our days in darkened rooms watching Laurel and Hardy movies, or exercising from sunup to sundown. Finding that right balance is SUCH a mystery.