Sooooo Sick...Anyone?

I have A Terrible Cold It Hit Me Yesterday And Was Runny Nose Then Last Night My Ear Hurt Really Bad And I Thought Ear infction But It Feel Better Now Then It Moved From My Head Mostly To Heavy In My Chest…Well I Went To Go Downstairs And It Was TERRIFYING…I Was Weak And Shaky And SOOOOO Dizzy I Thought I Would GO Head Over Heels…I Have Been So Dizzy Today For HOURS Now And I Am Scared…I Was Supposed To Be Home With My 2 Year Old Son Tomorrow And Get My 5 Year Old OFf To School But Instead I Have TO Beg My Husband To Take The Day Off Of Work And I Know He Really Doesnt Want To ANd We Need The Money But I Just Dont THink I Can DO It Alone…What IF I Am Walking My Son Down The Stairs And I Fall??? Am I The Only One THat Gets Like This With A Bad Cold??? And Please Tell Me I Will Be Better Soon With out The Dizziness???

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Please Tell Me I Will Be Better Soon With out The Dizziness???

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You will be better soon without the dizziness.



I like your font even better! How’re you guys doing it?


The font didn’t change, just the color and using italics on the word: dizziness.
If you want to color a word, just highlight the word with your cursor then click on font color. Then you’ll see the color palette.
I don’t see an option to actually use a different font. You can change the font [size=200]size[/size] though, along with the [size=200]color[/size]



I’m just like you describe with colds and most upper respitory illnesses. They make everything worse and throw my balance out of whack.

A little tidbit on stairs, I rely heavily on railings. I even ripped the one in my house out of the wall once. Don’t worry, I didn’t fall, but I had some rework to do. The thing is that you need the railing/s to be as secure as possible.


The worst part of my cold only lasted a couple days. I still have the sinus stuff going on, but no fever & my balance is just a little better. DesDiz - Are you any better yet?

Yea, Heather, but DD must have put a LOT of work into making her font look so crazy! I think she should patent it!

You must be seeing something in DD’s post I do not. Her font is just like everyone elses on my screen.


Well Heather, that settles it, I always thought the two of us were probably the sickest members of the forum. I guess this settles it - it must be me. :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: I still think you and I are the sickest.

Well it’s nice to have company anyway. Where’s the heart smiley? Maybe DD can do some more font tricks for us :mrgreen:

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Am I The Only One THat Gets Like This With A Bad Cold??? And Please Tell Me I Will Be Better Soon With out The Dizziness???/

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Hi D D,

No, your definitely not the only one who get’s worse during, a bad cold, this subject has been covered many times in other peoples post, if you were able to take a look.
In fact, just last week, Judy one of the long time members who has successfully moved on with her life has had some good results with dothep, she said she had the flue, and had a set back, rocking and much worsening symptoms, ect…

judy’s mentioned this in a post only last week…
I know it’s sometimes Hard with all these Migraine symptoms to read, every post…
But one a day, just to keep up with what’s going on and keep informed about YOUR illness, is a great idea.
that way when unusual symptoms HIT, you wont be so frightened every time.
I found this fourm is not only a wonderful place for support DD , but also a great resource of info.

And I’m sorry, no one can promise you things will become better soon.
At this present time 2008, there is no cure for migraine disease.
Hopefully with the right preventative medications, that you “will” eventually find, that YOUR body will tolerate, and you being so young, having time on your side, the preventives should make all the difference in making your life pleasurable again.
And help you be able to cope better with every day situations.
I’m really sorry you’re feeling so disgusting right now.
We all know how you’re feeing.

jen 8)

I Know That Most Of You Have Already Posted Stuff Like This And It Is Informative Reading But Ever Since I Moved My Internet Connection Is Terrible…DialUp Connecting No Higher That 19.8K And NOTHING Loads It Has Taken Me From 7am This Mornign To Finally Get This Post Posted!!! I Do Appreciate All You Guys Who Post To Me!!! It Is Just Hard Enough To Get My own Post To Load…And I Have Noone Else To Talk To ABout The Dizzy Hell

This Is The Worst Vestibular Cold EVER!!! Being With Out Colds My Days Are Ever Slightly Off Balance, Some Visuals, And Just Blah, And Occasional Wooziness…A Scary Symptom Or Dizziness Sneaks In Occasionally…Well Since I Got This Cold Last Saturday I Have…Lost 75% Of My Hearing In My Left Year Doesnt Really Feel Full But Maybe Just Like Some Light Cotton In There Or Something But No Popping Feeling Or Pain Except For Pain Sat Night (thoought might have had ear infection but it stopped hurting) When I Wake Up For The Past Three Days I Feel Exhausted (after sleeping 8 hours)And Like I Just Got Off The Gravitron Or Tilt R Whirl I Am Stumbling Around And Into Stuff And Feel Like I Am Going To Fall Over…Then I Am Continually Dizzy For The Rest Of The Day…Mostly When I Get Colds I Feel A Little “Off” But This One Really Had Me Going Through The Wringer…The Cold Started With Slight Sore Throat and Constantly Running Nose Then On Second Day It Went Right To My Chest And I Have Been Hacking Ever Since (which leaves me spinning :wink: )…It Feels Like It Is GOing Away And As Far As Colds Go It Wasnt That Bad…My Daughter Still Has The Cough Occasionally And It Has Been AT Least Three Weeks…I Am Thinking I Feel So Bad Vestibularly Cause My Ear MUST Be Blocked I Mean I Cant Hear Right And I Couldnt Have Just Gone Deaf Overnight?? I Have Tried To Get It To Drain So I Can Hear And Maybe Have Some Dizzy Relief (so I can stop taking Valium everyday) I Tried Cleaning My Ear Really Well With QTips, I Tried A Warm Wet Cloth, I Have Tried Vicks On My Chest Every Night Hoping To Break It Up, I Hve Even Tried Laying My Ear On A Hot Water Bottle For Hours…I Was Debating On Going To My Dr To Make Sure My Ears Were Clogged And I Am Not Really Deaf But Medically There Isnt Much She Can Do For Me And As Far As The Dizziness Goes She Doesnt Understand At All…Any Ideas Guys?? Is This All The Cold?? Any Way To Drain My Ear?? Is It Uncommon For It Not To Be Painful And Feel Really Full If I Lost Hearing Due To Cold Or Could I Really Be Deaf ANd My Bablance System Compromised For Life???

Sorry For The Vent This Is Just Kicking My Butt And Breaking THe Little Spirit I Had LEFT

Sorry you’re feeling this way :frowning:
Unless the cold is all gone I’d say you WILL return to “your normal”, though.
(I feel totally crap at the moment for a very, very different reason and I may post a thread in a day or three).

Just one thing: you really don’t have to capitalize every letter, in fact it wastes your time writing AND makes it harder to read. :wink:

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Just one thing: you really don’t have to capitalize every letter, in fact it wastes your time writing AND makes it harder to read. :wink:

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Makes it hard to read ? it makes it look wild! Gives me a freakin’ headache.

See Heather!! I’m not the only one!



Last winter I had a cold that settled into my chest, and I woke up one morning about 4 days into all, and I could not hear out of my left ear. I’ve had problems all of my life with my ears it seems, but I’ve NEVER had anything like this. It was totally uncomfortable, and the simple act of not being able to hear out of it totally threw my balance off (more than usual). The more I moved throughout the day, it slowly seemed to clear (at the time, I thought I was just getting used to it), however, the next morning I woke up sleeping on that side, and it was blocked again.

After several days of this, I discovered I could gently tug on my ear lobe, and get it to pop open (nothing else worked). This went on for weeks, off and on, and was very annoying. When you can’t hear out of one ear, your own voice sounds very loud (almost like you are screaming) and it drove me crazy. I don’t know what caused it (maybe fluid in the ear? That would be my guess. I had no pain). Anyway, it eventually did go away. Thank God.

I’m not looking forward to my next cold. I don’t know why colds are so hard on us (see? I’m assuming they are hard on all of us :smiley: ) I guess our vestibular systems are already out of whack, and a stuffed up head and ears just aggravates it to all Hell.

Since my MAV Crash, I can’t stand to get sick even with a stupid cold. It seems to magnify every stupid little stinking symptom I have on a day-to-day basis, and its miserable.


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Makes it hard to read ? it makes it look wild! Gives me a freakin’ headache.

See Heather!! I’m not the only one!

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Capital letters aren’t the only thing giving me a headache. :twisted:



went to the dr today and i told them i dont do well on meds they checked my ears and said was little red but if was infection eardrum would be bulging but it is retracted so just fluid no infection then even though i said i was adverse to meds she wrote me list with simply saline, coricidine HBP, and a stupid antibiotic in case i develop ear infection so now even though i already feel like hell i have to start three new meds that could really mess me up…so just really ticked off and freaked out i so hate meds and taking an antibiotic for something i dont even have!