Sore glands under jaw

Hi everyone !

This is an interesting one. I get sore glands under the jaw. Before VM I used to get them only when drinking alcohol that was mixed with lots of sugar (syrup for example). Now, I get it very often! I made a poll on my Instagram and realised that a lot of people have the same symptom. Do you relate? Do you happen to know the cause of this ? :thinking:



Wouldn’t imagine it has any direct link with VM. Can’t say I have ever heard of it in any connection. Had a quick read of this. Might be something to do with with antidepressants and a dry mouth it seems. And in a person already prone? Just hazarding a guess. In truth I have no idea whatsoever. Salivary Gland Disorders - Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders - MSD Manual Consumer Version

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Thanks Helen!

It does seems linked to the salivary glands ! What struck me is the number of persons with VM that said they experience this : out of 10 people 8 said they had it and 2 that they didn’t experienced it. I guess 10 is too small of a sample but I was really impressed to see I wasn’t the only one…

Hi Maina, you’re not talking about the glands on your neck that the doctor feels for when you’re sick? They swell when you have a virus or something. I’m actually trying to feel for any more glands under my jaw and can’t feel any lol.

I wonder what’s causing it? Good question.

Hi Belindy !

No, this is more the glands that are along the jawline. Hard to explain but I found a picture ! It really seem to be the salivary glands as my pain matches their location. Maybe Helen is right and Dehydration could aggravate it.


Comes as no surprise to me you found so many VM sufferers like this. The condition is caused/results from/have strong links?, I know not which, with Central Sensitisation. These people are more sensitive to both feelings others mightn’t even be aware of and feel increased pain/discomfort from such things.
Central Sensitisation
Btw did you ask the others if they happened to be taking any medications which could be contributing?