Sore points on head / scalp and waking up smashed every day

This is something I have had for quite some time now, before the mav kicked off. But I was wondering if anyone else experiences this, and whether it has been medically noted as related to migraine? I can’t find any medical descriptions of it - I’m wondering if this has an actual name as ‘sore points on head’ or ‘tender areas on head’ doesn’t seem to bring much up on google.

The best way I can describe it is like the back of head, right at the top of my skull is always sore. If I push that area it feels bruised or tender. Sometimes it’s worse than others, and I can especially feel it more if I was stretching out in bed and my head pushes up against the pillow or something, I think it’s usually worse if I’ve overslept or under slept. Obviously the least of some of the symptoms experienced by this stupid stuff, but I makes me feel like crap.

Another thing is does anyone else wake up practically every day feeling really ‘smashed’ and unrefeshed from sleeping. I can’t remember the last time I woke up feeling really good or refreshed, I seem to always wake up feeling disorientated and achy, my right nostril is always blocked and my ear feels crackley and wet. Seems to taper off as the day progresses, after I’ve had my breakfast etc.

Hi Jimmy

What neurologist are you under for MAV? Dr Surenthiran told me that it is very common to have sore areas on the head and neck with MAV and it is caused by the blood vessels being tender due to migraine. He actually pressed some of the areas on my neck and explained it and he also said neck pain can be caused by the muscles wanting to spasm to keep the head still to stop the feelings of dizziness.

I feel worse in the mornings generally. Apparently poor sleep can impact on MAV but I seem to sleep fine. Some meds can make you feel more groggy in the morning too. Not sure if you are taking anything at present? x

I am not on any medication at the moment, nor under the care of a neurologist. I saw a neuro on the NHS who diagnosed the illness, I am due to see a neuro otologist in July on the NHS. I was planning on trying to get to London to see dr s at some point but I live in Newcastle so getting down there is the issue, but would really like to hear his thoughts on it.

I could understand sore points on the head from a full migraine headache but I haven’t had a proper migraine headache for over a year now, I have some kind of manifestations through tension headaches in my forehead area and above my eyes. That sore point is always there though. Definitely not because I am restricting my head movements or anything though (as I have had this well before mav symptoms)


Have you tried sleeping semi-reclined in a reclining chair at night? Something to consider…


I always wake up that way. I’m not on meds either. Just part of this ‘gift’ that keeps on giving…
Also have those sore bruised feeling areas too. AND I have a plugged right nostril! Geez…I could have written your post. :slight_smile:
Also, I have a friend who had this and she gets little episodes here and there, nothing as serious or debilitating as we all have and it’s worth mentioning that she also gets that bruised tender scalp feeling.

I have a v sore spot on top of my head to the left. It feels like I have a bruise on my head. It must be related to problems to blood vessels due to migraine. When it is really sore I know to be careful cos I could get a full vertigo attack if I do too much. I also get a lot of neck pain which is usually hormonal my linked for me.