Sounds Familiar

Hi, I am new here.

I started having the feeling like my brain was moving from side to side about 2 mths ago and it has not stopped. My GP thought I had Vertigo but eventually sent me to a neurologist who had an MRI & EEG done which all came back normal. She said that I am probably suffering migraines and has given me a migraine medication Topiramate to try and get rid of these “spells”.

I found this site and the symptoms described sound familiar and I am wondering if this is what I have. I suffer these episodes 2-3 times a day and it is getting very hard to deal with after 3 mths as I am working and have small children. Am I on the right track with this type of medication? How do others cope? Why does it just start all of a sudden. Help!

Hi Nim,

You’ve come to the right place! There is so much info and help on here, it saved my life when I was stuck on a merry go round of ineffective treatments and ill informed doctors. You are really lucky to have got the right treatment so quickly, it took me 2 years and over £1000 to get to where you are. I started Topamax today and I’m trying not to worry about side effects. As long as I’m no more dizzy I can cope with anything else. What dose are you on now?

I also have 2 kids and a teaching job. It’s been so hard to deal with but the worst part was the beginning when I didn’t know what was wrong with me and didn’t have anyone to talk to who understood. But now I’ve got a decent doctor and I’ve finally got the people around me to realise what I’m going through.

You are absolutely doing the right thing. My vertigo started after my son was born. It began in small episodes as a kind of shifting feeling in my brain and the occasional falling or lightheaded feeling. I put it down to tiredness and did nothing. Then I got BPPV ( loose crystals in the inner ear causing spinning vertigo when lying down) and still did nothing as I was told it would pass. A year later I got the constant rocking and vertigo which has been with me 24/7 now for 3 years and 4 days. Dr Surenthiran compares the development of chronic MAV to a nail being hammered into a wall. Your nail is only a short way in compared to mine. You have every chance of finding relief with the right medication.

As for why it starts there can be several factors. In my case I had the combination of migraine genes in the family, stress and overwork, BPPV and hormone problems. Quadruple whammy. I wish I had sought help before it became chronic and the nail got banged in. Please be encouraged that you’ve done really well and best of luck with the Topamax.


Thanks Nicola, it is such a relief to find somewhere that people are experiencing the same things. I have been on topomax now 25 mg for only 3 days, dizziness got worse and was so tired but day 4 today I feel really good, no dizziness a bit tired so I am really hoping this lasts. I really don’t know how you did this for so long without help. I don’t know how old you are but I feel mine may have been caused buy hormonal issues as I am perimenopausel and have read this can cause vertigo I am 46. Makes me think should I treat the menopause symptoms or migraine? Anyway so far so good good luck

Hi Nim,

Brilliant that you are already feeling a bit better so soon, I really hope it lasts. You are right about the hormones. Iam 43 and went into early menopause at the same time as all this hit at 40. I asked about HRT but the general concensus is that it can make things worse.

My head feels like a brick but hoping it will pass, very emotional. I am going to go see my GP next week as the tears keep flowing and not sure why, whether it’s the Topamax or just everything getting on top of me feeling so terrible for so long. Sometimes I feel much better, sometimes worse not sure if an increased dose will make me better or worse :?