Sour cream and bananas?

Hi All,

Well, I’m either paying for 4 straight days of air travel and lack of sleep or it’s the monster amounts of banana cake I devoured yesterday that is killing me. My mother made this GREAT banana cake. I checked out one of the ingredients (her secret weapon) and there’s a truck load of sour cream in it. The jury is still out for me on bananas but I usually stay away. Anyway, I just woke in the middle of the night here with my gut singing away with delightful IBS (it’s been silent down there for a long while), feeling like I’m on some sort of bad 1960s acid trip and … dizzy. This has all the feeling of something acute rather than an accumulation of the the trip etc. I’ve been here before after eating other no-no foods in large amounts (like almonds 2 years back). The acid trip feeling is the giveaway … and it will go.

Do any of you guys notice bananas and/or sour cream being bad news? I know for certain that really sour tasting yoghurts do me in. What kind of condition can prevent someone from eating the most delicious banana cake on the planet made by one’s own mother? It’s just cruel this thing.

Scott :frowning:

Scott, sorry to hear this. I think it may be the MONSTER amount that is the problem. Sometimes I can get away with dubious foods if I have a very small amount but not if I overdo it. Bananas are ok for me but not sour cream. But your mum’s banana cake sure sounds too good to resist! Hope this passes soon and you can continue to enjoy your trip.


Who knows? Maybe it’s the bananas, sour cream AND the jet lag/lack of sleep. See my thoughts re homeostasis. You’ve practically been taunting the fat kid by eating that cake while jet lagged. Maybe your Mum’s secret ingredient is Coke Zero? :slight_smile:

Have you ever been able to figure out how long it takes from a trigger (eg the cake) and the onset of symptoms? I find it confusing - sometimes it’s almost straight away (so I guess those are the ones I’ve figured out are triggers), other times hard to say.

It’s all voodoo magic to me! Anyway, I hope your bad trip clears and there are no flashbacks. Stay away from the mellow yellow man, it aint so mellow after all.


Hey Scott,
Glad you made it safely home to mom, but really sorry you are having such a bad relapse of your symptoms. I can’t really comment on whether it’s the bananas and sour cream, but the timing does point to that. This MAV is a roller coaster in and of itself and I just can’t figure out when I am going to have worse days than other. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason at least for me, but I’m not at the point where I push myself with travel, jet lag, partying in NY and LA (lol), etc. I hope this will pass as quickly as it came on and you get back to baseline. I was thrilled to hear you are still holding strong with paxil.
Keep us posted. Luv to mom!

Scott, I have had a similar issue when I down a whole bunch of chocolate chip cake, which has sour cream as well as chocolate chips in it. I think sour cream is a no no for me. I hope it improves soon! Ben

Sour cream is one of the very few triggers I noticed used to give me short (second-long) vertigo attacks prior to going on the migraine diet.
For me, sour cream = bad.

I do not eat sour cream but I can not do the bananas as it will set it off in a minute. And I love bananas and they are good for you too…the limitations we must go through with this.

I never thougth bananas were a trigger for me. I would eat one almost every day, until one day I added in a banana smoothie (in addition to my morning banana and I paid dearly! Needless to say, I no longer eat bananas :frowning: