Southern Pain Society Migraine Guide

I only came across this comprehensive migraine guide yesterday and thought it worth sharing. It’s relatively concise and contains a few slightly different suggestions. Although I don’t take either of them it was interesting to note both Amitriptyline and Topiramate can be used for pain rescue meds. Under Visual Disturbances it was good to see mention of ‘grey out’ and ‘white out’ rarely mentioned, and that shimmering heat haze vision is listed as one visual hallucination. Although there are several comprehensive migaine guides around I was impressed by this one because although relatively short, they do seem to have migraine well covered. Helen


I have had this in some form or shape ever since MAV started. Only @flutters helped me understand that is Migraine Aura.


Like @napagirl’s typology of dizziness, I have a broad range of visual disturbances. MAV is never boring.

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The first time I had the shimmering heat vision I was convinced I was having a stroke!
I’d had the scintillating scotomata with traditional migraine since adolescence. But shimmering heat was a totally new one that came with basilar migraine for me.

Just read the whole thing. Wow, that just about sums it up!

When I said scintillating scotomata in last post, the article actually calls it Fortification spectra, and describes it perfectly. I used to have that before MAV. I called it my burning ring of fire!! I don’t get that anymore…

Anybody else hear Johnny Cash in their heads? :musical_score: I fell in to a burning ring of fire…:musical_note:

That pretty much sums up the experience.

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That is EXACTLY what I sing to my husband when I would get that. Yep.

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Interesting, I’ve had my carpet look like it was pulsating. I wonder if that’s sort of like the heat shimmer.


Yes sounds like that.

Omg I get this it looks like looking through a gas fire !!! Thank god I’m not the only one


Helen thank you this article has been so helpful and finally someone explains the heat haze ! :slight_smile: