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Soy milk?

I’ve been following the migraine diet pretty closely, but after a recent trip to my allergist I’m supposed to eliminate all dairy from my diet. Does anyone know if Soy milk is a common trigger food item? I can’t find my book (or should I say migraine bible)!

Hi Sarah,

Have a look at this thread … maybe something here to help:


Soy is a significant trigger for me.

Thanks Scott,
I did actually read that post, but was looking for something a little different. The Soy milk I bought was Silk Light. It is MSG free, however, I noticed I was not feeling great a couple hours after consuming it. I just wondered if it was a common trigger for most… I guess that is the thing about MAV. What is “common” for one is not common for all! I’m actually thinking about trying it again tomorrow. If I can’t have dairy and I can’t have soy that leaves me with rice milk. Has anyone tried and liked it? What about the lactose free milk? I’m looking for something similar the skim milk.
Thanks : )

MSDXD–Do you avoid anything that has soy as a byproduct in it?


I have soy milk everyday and I’m fine with it. Rice milk is pretty good too, but I prefer soy.


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Soy milk is apparently the nearest to cows milk in terms of protein etc (must be correct it was on the BBC!) however would it be a trigger? Just thought to mention it. Personally I’ve never even tried to quit dairy although I’ve had other things many times as a result of working with vegetarians and people with allergies. Love Soya Milk Custard. Yum.

Here here Helen! For me Soy Milk is far more palatable than other dairy free alternatives :mask: it doesn’t seem a trigger for me either so I’d give it a go @sasad :+1:t3:

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I tried not drinking milk and tried all the allowed varieties but found milk gives me the most energy (at least 2%) so I have about 2ish cups a day. A new study said more than a cup can be deadly but others said it’s just preliminary (not proven with causation) so don’t change one’s diet because of just that study. Part of me wants to do a class of oat milk (the only other “Heal your Headache” diet approved drink I can tolerate) and a glass of milk to play it safe and see if that does enough for my energy