Soy milk?

I’ve been following the migraine diet pretty closely, but after a recent trip to my allergist I’m supposed to eliminate all dairy from my diet. Does anyone know if Soy milk is a common trigger food item? I can’t find my book (or should I say migraine bible)!

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Have a look at this thread … maybe something here to help:


Soy is a significant trigger for me.

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I did actually read that post, but was looking for something a little different. The Soy milk I bought was Silk Light. It is MSG free, however, I noticed I was not feeling great a couple hours after consuming it. I just wondered if it was a common trigger for most… I guess that is the thing about MAV. What is “common” for one is not common for all! I’m actually thinking about trying it again tomorrow. If I can’t have dairy and I can’t have soy that leaves me with rice milk. Has anyone tried and liked it? What about the lactose free milk? I’m looking for something similar the skim milk.
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MSDXD–Do you avoid anything that has soy as a byproduct in it?


I have soy milk everyday and I’m fine with it. Rice milk is pretty good too, but I prefer soy.


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Soy milk is apparently the nearest to cows milk in terms of protein etc (must be correct it was on the BBC!) however would it be a trigger? Just thought to mention it. Personally I’ve never even tried to quit dairy although I’ve had other things many times as a result of working with vegetarians and people with allergies. Love Soya Milk Custard. Yum.

Here here Helen! For me Soy Milk is far more palatable than other dairy free alternatives :mask: it doesn’t seem a trigger for me either so I’d give it a go @sasad :+1:t3:

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I tried not drinking milk and tried all the allowed varieties but found milk gives me the most energy (at least 2%) so I have about 2ish cups a day. A new study said more than a cup can be deadly but others said it’s just preliminary (not proven with causation) so don’t change one’s diet because of just that study. Part of me wants to do a class of oat milk (the only other “Heal your Headache” diet approved drink I can tolerate) and a glass of milk to play it safe and see if that does enough for my energy

I don’t think “Heal your Headache” diet is against milk, only aged cheeses. But other migraine diets I’ve seen from Europe do advise removing dairy altogether.

I drink at least 32 oz of milk per day mixed with collagen to give myself plenty of protein. I also eat mild cheese, milkshakes, and ice cream quite regularly. I’ve seen various pseudo-science studies suggesting dairy milk can do all kinds of awful things. But unless you are actually dairy intolerant, the science suggests it’s fairly healthy or at least neutral.

I’m 40 years old and I’m still not dead from drinking lots of milk my entire life. And no, milk is not the source of my MAV as I’ve given it up for 3+ months with no perceivable difference (-:

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