Spaced out,Sharp vision than normal, head pressure

Hi everyone,
I’m new to this forum. I really need advice because my life feels like a mess at this point. Long story short, I traveled to Asia 3 months ago and out of the blue felt this feeling of wooziness, spaceyness, jello legs, motion sick. I also felt like fast moving objects bamboozled me. During the day time my vision is weird almost like I’ve been day drinking. It disappeared the next day and I was ok. Then it came back once I got back to the states. I got every test done possible, and finally saw two docs. One was a regular neurologist and the other was a functional neurologist. Both ruled out vestibular neuritis but both stated I may have something migraineous, as I’m slightly sensitive to light as well. I do seem to have episodes of this (head pressure) but the spaced out feeling is constant and always there. It messes with my cognition, making it hard for me to multitask. To make my life harder, I got into PA graduate school this fall and I have no idea how I’ll get through it like this. I can’t quit because it’s my future but I’m scared. So deeply scared. :frowning: my life changed so horribly and I don’t know what to do.

Got prescribed Verapamil to see if it helps and I previously used Nortriypline (only for two days…I was extremely fatigued so I freaked out and quit it)

I really need suggestions on what to do. I contacted the disabilities office for school as well…

Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear your circumstances. Can I suggest you read Daniel’s Success Story on here under Success Stories and Positivity which might give you some general idea what you are dealing with having developed MAV. Then plough through the ‘FAQ ‘ answered by various neurologists on our Wiki section and then have a good read around the subject to thoroughly understand it. It will not seem so scary once you grasp the concepts involved. It’s nothing mystical or magical. Just a condition people experience and have to deal with in order to get some quality of life back. Any questions you will find plenty of practical experience and support amongst the various regular posters on here and a wealth of info if you use the Search facility. Then fire any questions.

Best perhaps to do some of that reading before or at least in light of the following comments which will otherwise sound rather harsh maybe.

That’s common MAV symptom. Head pressure and the cognition, brain fog, symptom. In your circumstances don’t be persuaded to try Topamax any time soon. Not with studying.

Verapamil is used to treat MAV but be warned it’s not likely to work very speedily. You are looking at a minimum of a couple of months. Few preventatives start to much less than that.

All preventatives have side effects. Fatigue is common. MAVers are notoriously meds sensitive so you need to introduce drugs low and slow. Start at 5mg and spread it over weeks to reduce side effects. Often the enhanced sensitivity means MAVers have to set time aside and work through the side effects which may subside in a couple of weeks. You’ll need to stick with it, not quit it. Starting at lower dose will help. Good Luck. Helen

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I totally relate to what your saying , I feel spaced out 247 it’s like looking st my life through a piece of glass does that make sense ?

I have vestibular migraine and most doctors have said this symptoms is caused by our balance signals being messed up and once a medication or time calms down the brain it should settle. It can take a while to find a med that helps but this group is so helpful and just know your not alone :slight_smile:

welcome to MAV world :crazy_face:

i got this in early 2017, hit by the MAV bus, then spent a year slowly getting better bit by bit, and the last year inching up - and recently i have been without symptoms at all for the last 4 weeks, so i’m happy to be where I am :smiley:

2 years will sound a lot to you if you just got diagnosed. i had never been ill for more than 5 days before i got this. everybody’s different. some get better quickly, some slowly. a lot of it may be luck in trying meds and finding ones that work for you.

first things first: it won’t kill you. but it can feel really weird and hard to explain to others. people can understand if you tell them you get migraine every day, but they don’t understand if you say you are dizzy - so i just told everybody i had migraine every day and it made me dizzy, and people seemed to be able to process that. people - including me. i find it easier to understand if i thing about it as migraine attacks with weird symptoms, rather than worrying what the symptoms are.

how is your school about this? are they able to offer you support? when i first got this there were quite a few long months when i could do barely any work at all - i couldn’t look at a computer screen. i was making phone calls in the dark but the buzzing tinnitus made it hard to hear what people were saying. but somehow - you get through. this year i’m back snowboarding, mountain biking, driving across europe, playing sports. it takes time but you can get better. just try not to be freaked out about it - it’s just stupid weird migraine symptoms and you can find ways to cope.

good luck!


I guess I’m struggling with accepting my diagnosis. I feel head pressure almost like my brain is inflamed and spaced out. Can’t even multitask efficiently :frowning:

I don’t know if that’s truly MAV? I don’t have balance problems, or visual snow, or vertigo. Just this weird sensation…but maybe it is.

I just started Verapamil this morning and it dropped my blood pressure so I’m a tad bit anxious about that.

I’m happy you don’t have symptoms :slight_smile: must feel amazing! What have you done to fix your symptoms??

Hi Amy,
Do you have balance problems? I personally don’t so I’m having a hard time accepting my diagnosis…don’t have visual snow or anything like that. Just this weird spaced out feeling and head pressure. I’m so over it right now. Been crying almost everyday because it feels like my life is over.
And it feels like my vision is distorted. Things are too high definition. It’s really annoying

Thank you for this. I started my Verapamil today and I do feel quite exhausted but I typically have lower blood pressure. I’m now 105/70 which is quite low. But I hope it helps. I may try notrypline but I’m not sure.

I think I’m just having a hard time accepting my diagnosis. Never had migraines in my life. My family doesn’t either…it just hit me one day where I felt disoriented and out of it. It started off with on and off episodes where I’d feel it for an hour and it would go away completely. Then one day the sensation stayed permanently…

Good luck - verapamil has helped quite a lot of people

I used to get really weird head symptoms - it probably is MAV

see my Pizotifen Diaries thread for my story

Good luck!

This has been my explanation to others since Nov 2014…only my partner knows its not quite the whole package but its the only way others understand our illness

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I do get the balance aspect but have spoken to a few who don’t and just get the head stuff . I know it’s hard to accept diagnosis the best way I try to look at it is Vn / Vm / pppd all similar symptoms and treatment is super similar so whatever it is medication will most likely be what’s going to help.

I know how it feels so cry everyday and I promise you that will pass ur life isn’t over but it will take some time and perseverance to get back to where u want to be :slight_smile: pm anytime x


That’s true thank you for being so supportive :disappointed: Have you found anything to help you medication wise? In between my eyes feel so uncomfortable today almost fuzzy numb feeling and I feel like my vision is so high def that my perception is super off. Things look the same but aren’t? Do you feel that way? Things are too clear almost like my eye glass prescription is too strong

I’m not a doctor but would seem odd to prescribe Verapamil To someone with this sort of a reading.

You do need a meaningful diagnosis you can believe in with which to work. MAV can certainly start as you describe however I thought yours started following travel? Have the medics ruled out MdDs? Hard to accept you have ‘migraine associated vertigo’ with positively no migraine involvement anywhere. The light sensitivity is common with migraineurs but not elusively so. People with Menieres and other vestibular disorders get it too.

This many will say is ‘migraine’ particularly the head pressure bit. Symptoms vary individual to individual and diagnosis by symptoms isn’t reliable because the sufferer may not have developed some symptoms as yet, indeed may never do so. I was diagnosed as ‘probable’ MAV initially. I’m convinced if I’d had visual aura when I saw the consultant he’d have said ‘definite’ MAV. I’d had it for 12 years before I saw him and no aura. Had first one two weeks after I’d seen him. So one cannot say ‘it’s not MAV because I don’t get XYZ’ unfortunately.

Sorry, ‘motion sickness’ is a strong indication of balance issues. I understand you are young and you don’t experience any practical problems with your balance but your symptoms do indicate some underlying issue. Maybe very minor and won’t cause you any trouble at all. You’re young and strong and normally active and with the correct meds I’m sure you’ll get it under control in due course. Meanwhile don’t let Anxiety get the better of you. You’ll live! Helen

I see that makes sense. I also get this weird vibration feeling in my head when I speak with people or just trying to focus on their face. It causes a horrible rumbling sensation in my head. Almost makes me feel unstable. Idk if it’s because of all the movement but I have to get away. Have you ever heard of this?

And it started with travel, the episodes started right after my plane ride maybe 2 hours after. I put my contacts in randomly and felt disoriented. Then it went away. It happened again the next day and the next until the sensation stayed with me. Is this still MdDS? I thought that was more of a rocking sensation. I may see one more neurologist for a 3rd opinion. I’m just stuck here because I feel so uncomfortable 24/7. I feel worst communicating with ppl because I feel like my head is gonna vibrate off my head.

Common MAV stuff. Read @turnitaround’s recent thread ‘Meetings and nodding in agreement’ or ask @jojo65! VRT told me to ‘expect anything to happen’ and she was just about right! As @gidlabu said it’s all just weird MAV symptoms. It’s possible to work out the mechanics of much of it not that it necessarily helps stopping it though sometimes it does,

No idea. You’d need a consultant to answer that one. It’s just that, with medical bits, I just don’t buy coincidences and also the nearer you can get to a valid diagnosis the better your chances in the recovery stakes. Although many vestibular conditions have similar symptoms, treatment options do vary. Did you make explicitly clear to the medics you saw the timing of onset? Might be good idea to do so. Their best chance of accurate diagnosis lies in an exact and detailed history taking. There’s no definite blood test or similar for any of these conditions. Helen

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