Specialists recommended for Melbourne?

I am currently seeing a high profile specialist for mav and my GP, but he really doesn’t take in my history or have any time, I don’t want to get rid of him but I really need to see someone on top of him to actually sit down and go through the drug with me and the risks to my health.I have my cardiologist saying what meds she doesn’t want me to use but he prescribes them
I would love to see a neurologist who has a little more then two mins to discuss the med or choice of med and what would be involved and the risks involved. When I saw my cardiologist I was over the moon at how detailed she is, I just feel I need to be seeing someone a more like her but for migraine in Melbourne.
Any suggestions of neurologists in Melbourne that are good with migraine :slight_smile:

I’d see Waterston:



I already do :), but I need someone that is more experienced with meds then a GP but a specialist who has more time then him, I still want to see him but I need to see someone more regularly and a more detailed appointment. Thanks

I came in to say Dr Waterson too. I was seeing him every 6 weeks initially and he always said to ring if issues with medication or to change medication. All of my appts have been 20mins plus. He was the first specialist I found that listened after 3x ENTs and 1x neurologist.

Im glad his not normally like that :slight_smile: i probably just caught him on a couple of bad days! That builds me with more confidence. Thanks
Can i ask what meds or treatment your on?

I’ve trialled a couple. I’ve been on Pizotifen since Jan. I started on 0.5mg then upped to 1 mg in April. It then probably took 3 mths to notice a difference. It definitely helped the off balance feeling - not perfect but a lot better than I was. I still get the visual symptoms but getting rid of most of the off balance feeling is what made the most difference to my everyday life. Currently looking at adding another to see if that can help the visual stuff.

Becky I’d say waterston as well. I was impressed with the amount of time I had, he was very thorough and answered all my questions. I was also impressed with the way he listened and looked at me when talking unlike a lot of others who spend the whole time looking at their notepad. Also said I could email with questions or phone and he was willing to work with my GP to trial different meds so I didn’t have to travel to see him all the time (I live 3.5hrs form melb)