Spect scan

has anyone had one?

  • Mikael

No Mikeal , what is it?


A man named Jeffrey Topolinski over at the mdds page apparently had abnormal results on that one. He was put on trileptal 75 mg and effexor 15 mg (he took a much lower dose than the dr recommended) and went from a 9 to 1 after 15 years of mdds.

very interesting Mikeal,
effexor is a pretty strong med, I’ve heard a few people say its a good med for migraine control
and trileptal is probably similar to topamax.
he must have had MAV in that case.
MDds is so similar to Mav, many Dr’s think MDds is mav, but I’m not sure myself.

Just wanted to add, hes been on that dose for 3 years.

Hmm, but MDDS is supposed to be a totally invisible disease, no? If the scan is abnormal, wouldn’t 1) that point to something else or 2) be completely insignificant for a MDDS diagnosis?
As far as I understand a SPECT is similar to CT and PET scans. They shouldn’t detect stuff like MDDS or MAV except in rare cases.

I guess either A. hes an unusual case, or B. drs havent used the spect-scan on mdds patients.

Dr cha is doing an fmri study on MdDs patients, hopefully something will show up.

Hi Tran,
I know MDds people who have had abnormal results, and their Neuro’s have said, that it wouldn’t cause MDds.
One lady I know has a high riding jugular, and her Dr said it wouldn’t cause her symptoms, due to the fact it wasn’t bad enough to be of any significants.
Some MDdsers sometimes suffer migraine, but don’t have mav.
There’s a lot of MDdser’s that have more than one illness.