Spinal tap scheduled on Thursday

I had a follow up last week with my neuro, he wants to tear my spinal fluid for infections and/ or inflamation. I’m nervous though, and with all this talk about csf leaks I really don’t want anyone messing with my spine, but at the same time would like more tests run since I did have a spinal with my csection in April then got dizzy in June. He said sometimes the epidural/ spinal can bring on migraines? Anyone have this done, I’m really considering canceling it.

Did you mean TEST tour csf ? an epidural is a main cause of csf leaks. . To test your csf for infection is the same process as testing your pressure. I would strongly recommend that you talk to your neurologist about the study at Duke if you have MAV and especially if you can relate your symptoms back to a known trauma that can cause csf leaks, such as epidural.

A lot of the drugs used to treat MAV also have an effect on csf pressure. They either raise or lower it. Which could be why they have an impact if high or low csf pressure is the cause of the symptoms.

in answer to your question about getting a spinal tap…it’s not my favorite way to spend an afternoon, but it’s not horrible, and if it leads to a dx or cure, certainly well worth it.

I had a spinal tap. It is not fun but would agree that it is not horrible. I thought it would be a lot worse then it was. I did not get a headache with it. If I remember correctly I had to come home and lay flat for a day. I was so scared to have it done, but I was glad that is took a lot of illnesses off the table. Let you know how you do.


No worries…I have had three spinal taps… The only thing is…make sure they are done under fluroscopy so the dr can see exactly where he’s going… There is a slight pinch when he numbs the area and then nothing…maybe a bit of pressure… Believe me I am a chicken with medical procedures and these were not bad at all…don’t cancel! It will give valuable information if there is an issue!

I had a spinal tap done, the name of it sounds worse then it is. It wasn’t so bad after it was all said it done. I even told my husband ok that wasn’t so bad-- get it done !! you do have to rest and be flat the rest of the day. I was a little sore but with all we’ve already gone through it’s nothing.

Thanks everyone, he didn’t tell me I have to lay flat the rest of the day, my husband is taking the morning off but I will have my two young ones all day, and my older son later when he gets home from school.

So it is the same process to check your csf pressure? I asked him about leaks, and he did say "you shouldn’t have any leaks, but we want to check for infections and inflammation. He’s and Indian doctor, very nice man, but there is a bit of a language barrier. He doesn’t explain much, but atleast tries.

Regarding the study at Duke, does insurance cover it? I’m far away in NM, but could possibly make a trip early next year if insurance covered it since we will have to buy plane tickets etc.

This is the next thing on my list to do! I got dizzy 2 days after my spinal block after my c-section and I wonder to this day if I have a spinal leak. My obgyn swore that I’d have the worst headache so he didn’t check but I wish I made him.

Here are the 2 links you can read about the Procedures they are doing at Duke. They are treating people who have been dizzy for years all due to their spinal pressures.


menieres.org/forum/index.php … 484.0.html

What they are doing at your hospital is different what they are doing at Duke. At least with the tap, they can see if you have a leakage, make sure they do a myleogram as well (sorry i spelled that wrong.)

My insurance currently won’t cover it but I’m waiting to switch it in January and will fly there in a heart beat. Dr. Kaylie is so nice and it doesn’t hurt to call and see. If it does, I’d go to Duke instead. If not, it wouldn’t hurt to see if you do have a leakage.

Were you sick during your pregnancy and did you get dizzy after you gave birth? Just curious! Good luck!

Thanks, I wasn’t sick or anything during my pregnancy. I would get lightheaded sometimes by bending down but that was it. It was my 3rd csection and I never had this issue with any of my others. I didn’t get dizzy until I was about 2 months postpartum, riding in the backset of my truck, then it got better that day, the next day I had vertigo for a couple seconds getting into bed, that left me dizzy. I have a history of headaches for years, so I pursued the migraine route. I was headache free most of my pregnancy. I have a heavy head a lot and I don’t know what that means, like a lot of pressure. I have heard these leaks heal themselves though. Is that true?

My doctor told me that the small ones sometime can? I would still get it checked out though. Obviously to me, being dizzy and feeling like this 24/7 after having a spinal tap probably is the culprit?