Spinning vertigo, Acute attack strategy!

Hi All,

When you guys have an acute attack with spinning vertigo. How long does this last ? I find sometimes it lasts for an hour or so and can be super unsettling. Is there anything you guys have found that helps during this phase. I don’t want to take a benzo. It is also difficult to sleep or read or pretty much do anything. My vision also gets blurry. How do you wait this out ? Do you find a hot pack or cold pack behind your head to help , i don’t know which one to choose. I tried the cold pack and it seems to help.

Mine lasts about 15-30 minutes, i just lie down as still as possible. I know there are medicines (triptans) that stop a migraine, I dont know if the mean just the headache or the actual vertigo. I havent tried them, I usually just wait them out which sucks. But do some research on triptans maybe they work?

I tried a triptan it did nothing for me. Ibuprofen does more for me than triptan.

I bought some Buccastem for putting under the gums. However just ended up riding them out. Luckily only ever had three truly bad ones nearly vomiting on two of them (have had countless smaller spins) They petered out after several months. You’ll probably morph out of them.

James, The Prochlorperazine was that over the counter ?

I seem to recall it was, yes, but needed to ask the pharmacist. Not on the open shelves.

Hello getbetter. Mine used to last a minimum of two hours and I lay absolutely still not moving a single muscle because even moving my eyes made me vomit. All that was prior to topiramate and just 10mg a day of nortriptyline. Stemitil worked to a point but I found it very sedating.

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I had that Margaret - couldn’t even close my eyes or it would have the same effect! Eugh!!

I take Meclizine HCl during an attack. The prescription version is called Antivert but you can buy it over the counter in the U.S. as either “Bonine”, or “Dramamine All Day Less Drowsy” or the generic version from Rugby (which is WAY cheaper and is what I use):

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Strangely enough I was the exact opposite. I couldn’t open my eyes and I had ongoing attacks that regularly lasted 72 hours, and towards the end of my most acute phase, 8 days! Buccastem only on prescription I’m sure it was. I was told never to take Travel Sickness Pills (‘Sea legs, Meclizine) but not told why! Actually recently I don’t think they are available or not easily at least. I went more than 12 years with only the Buccastem, pills and injections. Helen

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